How to Get Rid of Diarrhea Effectively in Details

Diarrhea is a disease that can affect anyone regardless of age and gender. Causes of diarrhea may be many things. It can be viruses, bacteria, parasites, milk allergy, and other infections. Virus have become one of the most common causes the diarrhea. The spreading of the disease itself can also be caused by several factors like contaminated food and drink caused by insects or dirty hands. Besides, drinking contaminated waters or because it is not cooked properly can bring the diarrhea too.

Acute Diarrhea vs Chronic Diarrhea

Using or washing bottles which are not clean and not washing hands after defecation are several bad habits too. It makes every tool and furniture becomes contaminated by the dirty hands and the diarrhea has come. It is easy enough to recognize the symptoms of diarrhea. Diarrhea occurs if someone keeps vomiting and mild dehydration. Diarrhea diseases may be trivial to several people, but if it is not promptly treated, the diarrhea can also be a deadly disease. In general, the diarrhea can be divided into acute diarrhea and chronic diarrhea based on the time distance. Acute diarrhea usually occurs in less than two weeks, while chronic diarrhea can last more than two weeks.

Acute diarrhea is being the most common one. However, the diarrhea commonly will be cured within a few days after taking the medicine given by the doctor and with adequate rest. You need to consult to a doctor if got other symptoms such as bleeding when vomiting or defecation, vomit in large quantities, and high fever that does not go away. In contrast to acute diarrhea, chronic diarrhea can be life threatening because it is more dangerous. The diarrhea is considered a serious disease though.

Chronic diarrhea is also caused by parasite, bacteria, virus, and others. The diarrhea usually requires further tests such as blood tests, x-rays, and feces tests. Various disease complications can occur in accordance with age and health condition of the patient. Decreased immune system will also affect or cause malnutrition. Therefore, treatment is suited to the cause and nutritional supplements that are needed for the long term.

More about Diarrhea and Feces

Talking about diarrhea, it will always be associated with the digestive system including defecation. Symptoms of diarrhea can be recognized more if someone gets an unusual thing during defecation, especially about the feces color. Generally, normal feces are in brown, but in some cases it can also be a green. Green color indicates if the process of digestion that occurs in the intestines were processed too quickly so that the bile does not have the time like sort of whole break down process. That is why so many people wonder ”what does green diarrhea mean“. That is caused by green diarrhea that is being experienced by the person.

Several possibilities are other things such as eating too many green vegetables, green food coloring, and calcium supplements. Furthermore, other cases are also not to be underestimated. It is in case when someone finds him/herself had black feces even resembling black asphalt in the defecation. It is needed a further support for this due to an injury in the stomach or duodenum that causes bleeding on upper digestive system. Other common complaints accompanying the diarrhea patient are fever, nausea and vomiting, trembling, and abdominal pain.

Bloody Diarrhea and Dysentery

More about the feces, there is also a condition where feces are issued with the blood or to be called as bloody diarrhea. Then, it becomes a sign of someone suffering dysentery disease or intestinal inflammation due to bacterial or parasitic infections. Dysentery itself is a common disease in society. Poor sanitation and lack of access of clean water are several causes that led into very easy dysentery spreading, especially in slums and dense population. This disease can also cause some complications, even death. Dehydration and abscesses in the liver are several complications that may occur.

The bloody diarrhea can usually recover completely by itself in a few days but if it had lasted much longer and is not recovered, it is advisable to go and consult with a doctor to get a diagnosis and more accurate treatment. Especially for children, a closer monitoring should be carried out. If a child is suffering bloody diarrhea for more than 6 times within 24 hours, then he has to be immediately taken to the doctor. It is certainly a better prevention step than curing.

Diarrhea Medicine

Whether or not a diarrhea is dangerous will depend on the basic cause. Hence, it is needed to find a clear reason by seeing a doctor. However, prior to the doctor, the treatment itself can be done as the next step. Diarrhea medicine can indeed relieve mild diarrhea, or at least reduce its intensity. The diarrhea medicine can be used as a temporary solution. Many diarrhea medicines are sold freely in pharmacy for example, bismuth subsalicylate and loperamide.

The Bismuth subsalicylate is used as an anti-inflammatory that is useful to treat various intestinal problems while loperamide is used to slow the intestinal muscles. It is intended to the intestine to absorb more water from the feces. Then, the feces will harden so the diarrhea stops quickly. However, keep in mind, do not use aspirin as the medicine because it would only create more severe diarrhea and can increase irritation of the stomach and intestines. Stomach will become increasingly ill with diarrhea are getting worse anyway.

Diarrhea Remedies

When got a diarrhea, consumption of water is important to replace lost or wasted body liquid due to dehydration. In addition, avoid consuming beverages containing lots of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol that will worsen the diarrhea. For a while, avoid also kind of spicy foods, fatty foods, and heavy meals. The recommended foods are rice and bread without any enhancement. The use of diarrhea medicine is not necessarily required though, but if it is in urge, note the instructions use on the label, especially for children under 12 years old. Good habits such as washing hands before preparing food, after doing activities, playing with pets, and defecation are very important to reduce the risk of diarrhea. So in short, the key to get rid of diarrhea is to live a healthy and hygienic life.