Top Three Injuries that Occur in the Dentist Office

Before undergoing a dental procedure, it’s crucial to understand some of the risks of the procedures that you’re about to undertake. You will want to give these risk full consideration:

The top 3 injuries which occur in a dentist office: 

1. Temporary or permanent numbness

You may be surprised to learn that it’s common for dental patients to suffer either temporary or long term numbness in their mouth. Although in most cases, patients should regain feeling in the numb section of their mouth, within 18 months of their dental procedure.

The most common scenario that results in temporary or permanent numbness, occurs when an impacted wisdom tooth extraction goes wrong. When a dentist tries to remove an impacted wisdom tooth which is buried in a patient’s gum, they run the risk of hitting their patient’s lingual nerve. If a dentist damages a patient’s lingual nerve the patient may permanently lose feeling in their tongue. In severe cases patients also lose the ability to taste food and drink.

2. Serious infection

All dental procedures come with risks. If you choose to get dental implants inserted into your mouth, there is a small chance of developing a serious infection. Whilst an oral infection, may not sound serious, if not treated an infection can spread from a single tooth, to the teeth surrounding the afflicted tooth; since an infected tooth’s roots are located within mere millimeters of the roots of the teeth either side of an infected tooth’s roots. Once you have an infected root, you run a real risk of losing several of your teeth.

How are dental infections caused? Dental infections are typically caused by dentists who have failed to properly sanitize their tools. However, it’s important to remember that dental infections can also be caused by patients who fail to properly care for their wound, following their dental procedure.

If you have reason to believe that your dentist has been negligent in cleaning their dental tools, it’s well worth talking to a Brooklyn personal injury attorney, about your options. Especially if you’ve already identified a serious infection.

3. Sinus issues

If you’re missing a tooth and choose to get an implant put in, there is a minimal risk that you may develop long term sinus complications because of your implant procedure. Sinus damage typically occurs when a dentist works on the back portions of your upper jaw. Unfortunately, the back portion of your upper jaw provides less dense bone, to work with. So, dentists are often forced to perform a sinus augmentation to properly support a dental implant.

A sinus augmentation, involves a dentist lifting existing jaw bone to create space in the sinus cavity to place a bone graft. A bone graft is essential as it will create new tissue which will support your implant. Unfortunately, if the bone graft protrudes into the sinus cavity or a dentist accidentally touches the sinus cavity with their tools, their patient may end up sustaining permanent damage to their sinus cavity. Permanent sinus damage may make it harder for a patient to breathe in the future.

Remember, that while dental procedures are often necessary, it pays to do your research before choosing a dentist. As unfortunately dental accidents are more common, than you may think.