Is Running that Useful?

Running is a popular sport among amateurs because of its simplicity. One does not need anything but own will in order to run. Running is available in the city, in the park, in the forest or on the stadium. Running doesn’t require any special dressing. Although Essay Writing can be tolerated differently but there are services out there like Getessaynow but we can tackle that some other time.

Running gained its massive popularity in USA right after Frank Shorter had won his Marathon Run in Munich on 1972 Olympic Games. Then, the American running ideologist James Fix published his bestseller book “Complete Book of Running”. These two inspired tens of millions of people in USA and Europe to perform regular runs.


Jogging, a “public” running shape, became a part of a successful persons’ lives.

Running is promoted by sports clothes producers, by sportsmen themselves, by humans who got into the healthy life due to different reasons. Someone found a reason to get rid of bad habits because of running.

Still, there can be met lots of controversial facts about running being useful or not: both in researches and folk phrases.

James Fix himself died right during his run in the age of 52, and that became the reason why skeptics started to dominate over runners and their way of life.

“Thanks to a healing run, people get heart attacks while having much better health than earlier” – that is what someone unknown once said about running.

Still, running is more useful than its absence. Journal of the American College of Cardiology published a research data, which showed joggers to live averagely 3 years longer.

The research proved even those who have short runs one-two times a week to get a lower chance of death due to a heart attack.

How to Start Running and Not to Hurt Yourself

  1. Main thing here: do not get a physical overload. Moderate jogging “for pleasure” is the best choice for people who are far from sports and who use physical exercises as their way to get healthier or fitter. Untrained organism is better not to be fully loaded. It is even better to consult a doctor before you start running activities.
  2. Start training 3 times a week, using a combination of running and walking in a 1:2 or even 1:3 proportion: 2/4 minutes or 30/90 seconds. Increase running time after the first week. Overall training time is 25-30 minutes.
  3. Get used to a right technique. Place your head, look straight forward, not onto the ground. Bend your elbows under 90 degree angle, keep palms in fists but do not try to squeeze something with them. Land onto the middle of your foot and push with your toe. Proceed with short steps. And do not slouch!
  4. Start every training by a warm-up, and finish with a stretching session. Warmup allows your blood and oxygen to flow into muscles more intensively, and stretching works for muscles to recover faster after every training.

If to keep up to these simple rules, your runs will fit you perfectly, and will make your life really healthy. Sportsmen hurt themselves not because of their regular trainings, but because of constant overloads. To be the best in sports, one needs to constantly go out of their limits. To be a successful runner in life, it’s enough to perform moderate training regularly.

Perhaps, it is worth to finish this short article with an advice like: go and run right now. But it is better to think on equipment first. One can run in gumshoes, right. Yet special running shoes fit better here. Choose ones you like the most, but remember that proper exercise technique and right training schedule are much more important to save your health than shoes.