Which is better? Therapy or self-help books?

Most of us would have definitely considered reading a self-help book at some point of time. Some people would be of the idea that seeing a therapist would be a better idea than reading a self-help book. They might also think that self-help books only give out some thoughts and will not be able to hear you out or address your specific case. But what you need to understand that there might be a difference between how the world really is and how you perceive the world to be. Books are powerful and instrumental in shaping up the reader’s personality. Although it necessarily might not solve your issue, it will give you a fair understanding about various aspects.

Therapies might give you a sense of importance, as there would be someone listening to you all the while and acknowledging whatever you wish to say or vent out. Self-help books, on the other hand, can also serve to be a good companion, as they can be carried anywhere and you can indulge yourself in the book whenever you feel depressed or are seeking help. You might argue that it might not prove to be beneficial. However, you can make that statement only when you would have read a self-help book and acted on whatever was mentioned in it.

Humans are social animals and we continue with the evolution of our personality with every relationship. You might think that you will have a good relationship with a therapist, as it is a more tangible approach. But, you do not necessarily need tangibility to set things straight and get rid of your anxiety or depression. Also, a bad self-help book would definitely cause no harm, while a bad therapist might end up having an unwanted impact on you. You can try reading a self-help book or visiting a therapist or both and see what best suits you, as it is ultimately your decision and you know what suits you the best.

Self-help books will also have some activities that might cheer your mood up and help you rationalize by changing your thought process. People will have fewer inhibitions about reading a self-help book when compared to the fear they have about going to a therapist. Ultimately, all you would need is some acknowledgement and support, which can be sought from either a self-help book or from a therapist.

While both self-help books and therapists have their own pros and cons, it is ultimately your choice to decide what suits you the best. If you are not comfortable with the idea of visiting a therapist and speaking your mind out, you can stick to a self-help book and try if that approach works for you. The end result has to be you feeling good about yourself and not worrying about whatever was bothering you previously. For this, you will have to acknowledge that you need to work on yourself firstly. A therapist or a self-help book, the choice ultimately lies with you!