What is Online Therapy?

To put it simply online therapy is the process of delivering mental health help and counselling from professionals over the internet. It is also known as e-therapy, e-counselling, tele-therapy, cyber counselling, and distance therapy. It has a few others but these are the main names that it goes by. The sessions can occur through any medium that uses the internet such as email, video chat – like Skype, voice messaging and also audio messaging like voice notes.

Are there any ethical/legal concerns in regards to online therapy?

There is in fact some problems in regards to how ethical online therapy really is. The problem is due to the fact that each psychotherapist is in charge of their own rules. They all follow a general guideline as to what should and should not be done, and what advice should and should not be offered via the internet but the obligation to act ethically is completely down to the individual.

This could potentially leave room for people to abuse the fact they what is going on is not necessarily monitored online. The second problem occurs when the client asks for a specific type of help that they believe to be the answer to their issues but may not follow the usual ethical boundaries.

If the practitioner was to deny the request and the consumer not be happy then when it comes to the internet it is much easier to find either another therapist who is willing to break the boundaries and fulfil the request or even worse, the client gets in contact with someone who is not licensed at all. It is also difficult to determine ones tone via text or message, so it is difficult to tell the exact mental state of the client when giving advice. Whereas in person this is easier to do.

Video chat communication

Easily Accessible

One of the most attractive things about Online Therapy is the fact that it can be done through any medium – such as your mobile phone, tablet or laptop/computer. If you are a busy person on the go but still need e-therapy then this is definitely the thing for you.

It also means that you can contact the therapist whenever you have any free time, you do not have to be stopped by the inconvenience of having to book and appointment and then go to the appointment as you would be able to contact the therapist at any time you want.

Yes, everything is going online!

Everything in this day and age is going online. ‘The Internet of Things’ is taking over and more and more businesses and companies that have been around for a long time are taking part. As well as shopping, there are many services that are being provided online and online therapy is one of them. It is convenient it is easy and it is new. Getting mental help from a professional online may sound a little bit daunting at first but it is worth it in the end.