How to Keep Hair Healthy When Using Irons Daily

You will need to have a good flat iron if you plan on heating your hair daily. The heat from a flat iron can be very damaging to the hair and so it is not advisable to use it daily. However, there are measures that you can take to keep your hair healthy despite using a flat iron. These include:

Choosing an Iron:

The material that you have on your flat iron matters a lot. If you pick low quality material such as plastic or metal, then your hair will suffer heat damage and very soon your tresses will be falling off. Plastic and metal do not heat evenly and so can burn the hair. The best hair straightener is made of quality material such as ceramic, tourmaline or gold coating. Ceramic is the cheapest high quality solution. It heats evenly and releases negative ions which help to close the cuticle and add shine to the hair.

Whenever you are picking a flat iron, ensure that you pick one that has adjustable controls. You want to have different heat settings that you can regulate in order to protect your hair from heat damage. After all, different texture of hair requires different heat settings. In addition to this, consider the size of the flat iron. It is best to go for smaller to medium sized plates depending on the texture of your hair.

Using the Iron:

To use the flat iron, the first thing is to dry your hair completely using a microfiber towel and followed up by a blowdrier on low heat setting. The next step is to use heat protectant to protect your tresses. It does not matter if you have the top flat iron. As long as you are using it daily, you will need to coat your strands with protectant to avoid heat damage. Once you have done this, use the flat iron on a small section briefly before moving onto the next. If you pass over one section many times, you will damage your hair.

Repairing Heat Damage:

If you happen to suffer heat damage because you did not have a good flat iron, all is not lost. You just have to incorporate some practices into your regimen. The first is a moisturizing shampoo. Use a shampoo that is sulfate-free. Flat irons strip your hair of moisture while normal shampoos strip your hair of essential oils. Using a moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo will solve both these problems. In addition to shampoo, you need to deep condition your hair weekly and seal in the moisture with oil. Finally, ensure that you get regular trims to deal with split ends. This will also help to get rid of some of the hair that has suffered from excessive heat damage.

Once you buy the best hair straightener and use it correctly, you will not suffer heat damage. However, if you happen to get heat damage for one reason or another, then there is relief for your hair through the practices that will rejuvenate your hair and bring it back to good health.