Stretch Marks Compact Guide: Get To Know Everything About Stretch Marks!

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Do you struggle so badly with stretch marks? Do you feel a little uneasy looking at them or showing your body with them in front of people? Would like tà know where those come from? Or better yet how to treat them?


Those are a bunch of questions I am sure a person with battling with stretch marks always have in mind.

If that’s the case for you, congratulations. You have just hit the number on pace to get all you need to know about stretch marks in a matter of a few minutes.

Here is the deal,

I am not going to put you through a bunch of medical stuff and advice that just sucks! No! I will outline for you exactly the same steps, tips and tricks that I personally used to get mine to vanish.

And something else,

Before diving deep into all there is about stretch marks, I would like to make things a little easier for you. Here is a navigational menu that will make it way easier for you to get every part of the article with a single click. Have a look at it and see you afterward:


So What Are Stretch Marks To Begin With?

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Stretch marks are thin red and sometimes purple marks. They are known in among doctors as striae. Stretch marks occur when your skin gets stretched out. They can occur throughout the body.

Generally though, they occur around the tummy, thighs, breasts, as well as shoulders.

But What Causes Those Stretch Marks?

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There are a number of causes behind stretch marks.

Here is a list of them:


Stretch marks can occur as a direct result of the change on the body, during puberty.

Instant Change In Body Weight:

Next to puberty, the second thing that cause the skin to stretch is abrupt weight gain. When you keep losing weight and getting back, your skin has to stretch. As a result, you develop stretch marks.


This one is obvious. And it has to do with body weight again.


Stretch marks as ma other condition have to do with genetics. If you have a family history of stretch marks, chances are that you have developed it because of that.

Certain Other Health Conditions:

Syndromes like Marfan syndrome or Cushing’s syndrome can get your skin to stretch.

Is There A Way To Treat Them?

A lot of stretch marks generally fade away after a period of time. There are treatments that can help you in treating stretch marks.


That’s a cosmetic make up, you can apply to your stretched skin. You can get from any pharmacy, as it is just an over the counter medicine. Opt for the waterproof one! You can apply once and it lasts sometimes up to three days.

Laser Therapy:

This one cannot help you fully remove them, but it is so useful to make your stretch marks fade away. Going through this therapy, your stretch marks will be less noticeable.

Use Lotions, Creams And Gels:

There are claims that those can rid your skin of of those stretch marks. But haven’t seen much results with them. What I noticed is they can be used as a way to protect your skin from stretching. They also work as moisturisers.

There is a cosmetic surgeries to completely remove stretch marks but don’t recommend them. They are very expensive and you never know their side effects.


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There you have it my friends. That was my take on stretch marks, based on my personal experience. I hope that I conveyed all you need to know about stretch marks. Try them out and you will be surprised about their effectiveness.

Now, I would like to ask you for a favour. Would kindly tell us in the comment below how you personally deal with stretch marks? Cheers!