The beauty sins you must avoid

New beauty products come and go. Some trends stick and others make their way into the “let’s pretend it never happened” pile. Through all of the confusion about what is hot right now, you should always have a do and don’t list. Here are some of the beauty sins that would definitely make the don’t list.

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Don’t apply too much

Makeup should be used to enhance your features, not cover them in layers so that you are practically unrecognisable. You should always start small, adding a little bit at a time to avoid the layers building up and leaving more of a mask than a natural look. Natural makeup is always the way to go. Even if you want to spice it up a little for a special occasion, you should still go with the rule that less is more.

Be patient

Putting makeup on when you’re in a rush never ends well. Whether your eyeliner smudges or you go a little crazy plucking your eyebrows, it could all be avoided if you just take your time and stay calm. If you struggle with getting your eyeliner flick or contour just right, you could try watching a makeup tutorial to help. If this Grandma can get it right, so can you.

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Don’t be lazy

We’ve all come home after a late night and gone straight to bed without taking our makeup off and then wondered why our skin didn’t look so great the day after. Use a gentle makeup remover and consider investing in something like the Avene Sensitive Skin Gift Set found at sites like Avene Sensitive Skin Gift Set to help look after your skin.

Don’t be greedy

There is a good chance you have more beauty products than you need. If your makeup bag is full of similar products, some of which haven’t seen the light of day for quite a while, you need to think about paring down your collection. Otherwise, you’ll just end up with dry mascara and creams that have gone out of date. If products such as the Avene Sensitive Skin Gift Set work for you, there’s no point buying a similar product, too, as you will just waste money.

Whatever your beauty regime, be smart if you want to get the best look.