Four Painless Tips to Wear High Heels Comfortably

There is something really special about wearing high heels that make many women keep wearing it even if they have to endure pain. High heels are beautiful and all. It can easily improve your posture, making you look six feet tall even when you are actually not. But we also know that when we choose shoes like this, pain is something we should expect because high heels are notorious to be very unpleasant to wear.

But high heels are not torture device. They are not created to hurt you but to improve your looks. So, if you wear it right, you can actually avoid the pain and stand on it all day with very minimum discomfort. Here are some things you need to do so that you can wear beautiful stiletto or platform shoes without feeling like your feet are being chopped.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Size

Choosing the right size is the ultimate guide to choose shoes. However, when it comes to high heels, it becomes even more important. Due to the nature of the shoes, your feet will naturally slope down in this type of shoes. As a result, if you wear something too small, your toes will get too much unnecessary pressure that will cause excruciating pain, especially if you wear closed toe model.

Wearing high heels that are too big for you can also cause discomfort, not to mention dangerous. Since the shoes cannot support your feet properly, it will be harder to balance yourself on such high heels if the size is too big. You can visit if you want to know more things about choosing the right shoe size.

Consider Open Toe High Heels

If you cannot handle the pain the shoes give to your toe, maybe you should consider wearing open toe model. Open toe model is actually very chic and there are different designs that will be suitable for many types of occasion. Since this model will not pressure your toe, standing on an open toe high heels for a long time will be more bearable.

Use Metatarsal Pad

Metatarsal pad is your best friend when wearing high heels. This very useful pad is put under the ball of your feet and it will prevent your feet from sliding down. It is a very good item to prevent pressures on your toes when wearing high heels.

Don’t Choose the Height You Can’t Handle

When it comes to high heels, it is true that the higher the heels are, the better your posture will be. However, high heels can be very challenging to wear because you will need to maintain your balance, especially if the heels are very thin. Wearing high heels with grace needs training and if you fall, it definitely will be painful. So, it is best to know your limit. Adjust the height of the heels with what you can handle. Wearing high heels is not the only way to make you look taller so it is not necessary to choose shoes with scary heels only for the sake of looking taller.