Invacare Get-U-Up™ Hydraulic Stand-Up Lift, the Best Patient Transfer Need


Do you require a tool for transferring patients? This tool must be mobile to make you able to take out and in any rooms. Invacare Get-U-Up™ Hydraulic Stand-Up Lift becomes a good choice for patients’ transferring. There are some reasons why you should select this lift tool. It doesn’t only ease you but it also works well both sides.

Why Do You Select Invacare Get-U-Up™ Hydraulic Stand-Up Lift? 

Selecting this lift will never disappoint you. This lift is easily operated and used so that you don’t get confused very long. This is very ideal for users requiring the supports of rehabilitation or keep partial load. The stand – up lift offers the high safety, comfort, and stability for users and nurses. The adjustable and innovative features enable to lift it easily. The lift can be adapted to some sizes and body shapes. Invacare stand – up lift has ergonomic style design and easy maneuver making this tool an ideal product for acting patients daily use. It ensures the safety of nurses and patients as well.

Features of Invacare Get-U-Up™ Hydraulic Stand-Up Lift

To be a recommended a patient transfer tool, Invacare Get-U-Up™ Hydraulic Stand-Up Lift meets some requirements and features needed to handle this action. There are some embedded specifications and features in this stand – up lift. What are they?

Innovative Adjustable Feature

When you want to use this hydraulic stand – up lift to transfer your patients, you shouldn’t worry about the steps of using it. It has innovative adjustable feature in which it can be set in some sizes and body shapes. It means that it is able to follow the body shape of patients. Of course, it is affecting the comfort of patients in the height, width, and weight of the tool range.

Low Castor Friction

To be a hydraulic stand – up lift, this product offers a low castor friction significantly increasing the roll ability of patients. This is also contributing on the safety of covering and maintaining the patients. This is very useful to set and change based on the needs of patients.

Multifunctional Series

To support the mobility of patients, you need to pick a choice out namely stand – up lift. This is beneficially lifting and transferring patients from a room to another room. It has been embedded multifunctional series enabling you to help patients getting slow to the toilet, and assisting to transfer sitting activity.

Comfortably Adjustable Leg Support

The support of legs can be adjusted and completed by soft and smooth pillow with lateral contour. This is effective to hold on legs in some positions. To be flexible for leg support, this can gain comfort on any heights. This stand – up lift is also retractable and non slip footplate for giving the optimal and maximal support for patients’ transfer.

It is highly recommended for being a stand – up lift for patients. This is proven to be comfortable and safe for patients. It is the only one answer for patients’ transferring needs. If you want to buy this stand – up lift, you can purchase it at atc medical. This provides this amazing tool for patients and nurses.