The Most Common Symptoms Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Experiencing a severe trauma can cause Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This mental disorder is manageable and a great therapy method like Havening can help the patients regain their life and live normally. However, most people with PTSD cannot get necessary treatment because they and the people around them fail to recognize the symptoms.

When the patients feel agitated or isolated themselves, many people think that their personality is just changed or they are just in a bad mood. In some cases, it can be hard to recognize the symptoms because it doesn’t always show up. This is why it is very important to recognize the symptoms of PTSD so that the patients can be treated immediately.


It could be one of the worst things PTSD patients must go through every single day. The trauma itself is already a burden, now imagine if they need to relive the memory of the worst time in their life over and over again.

Flashback can come anytime and it is very hard to prevent it from coming back. Reliving the bad memory can occur when the patient see something that remind them of the traumatic event. Sound and smell can also trigger the memory. It can even during sleep through nightmares. Flashback can be very stressful and the patient will need help from a professional Havening therapist to lessen this symptom.


Since the flashback can attack out of nowhere, the patient will try to avoid any place, people or situation that can make them relive the traumatic event again. In some more severe cases, thinking or talking about the event even will trigger anxiety that the brain will force them to forget the memories. This is why PTSD patient often experience amnesia even though they are not involved in any injuries or experience brain damage.

Negative Thoughts

The traumatic event will change the patient’s way of thinking that it is very hard for them to think positively. They will have negative thoughts about other people and think that everybody is out to get them or will hurt them somehow. It will drive them into isolation and make them fell reluctant to involve in any kind of social activity.


The next symptom is hyperarousal. PTSD patients will feel anxious and jittery most of the time. Some people can be easily irritated and get angry just because a problem that is considered small by most people. PTSD patients who underwent a dangerous situation, for example war or armed robbery can even be on alert all the time and feel like a danger is lurking behind them. This condition also will make the patients easily get startled and have difficulty to sleep and think.

PTSD is a serious condition and it can put someone’s life in a complete halt as the disorder will prevent them from doing their daily activities. Recognizing the symptoms is the first step to getting better. The people around the patient also need to provide support because PTSD is not an easy journey to be undergone alone.