Stem Cell Treatment as an Effective Alternative to Surgery


Stem cell treatment has recently made headlines for its extensive health benefits. While it’s been around for quite some time, the latest findings from intensive clinical research shows an incredibly promising future. From treating chonic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, to treating a large number of neurodegenerative diseases. Stem cells therapy does not only manage pain, but also treat the condition.

What are stem cells and how do they work

Researchers refer to stem cells as the building block of the human body. Early on in the beginning of our formative phase in the uterus, we are conceived and took in the form of stem cells. These blank cells will eventually develop into nerve cells, liver cells, skin cells, and many more. Our bodies continue producing these stem cells as we grow and will continue on until the end.

Yes, these cells are produced for the sole purpose of maintaining and treating our bodily systems. With this understanding, it is clear that stem cells can be used to treat various like-minded tissues and cells in our bodies. Thus its importance and benefits in the medical world are not to be questioned. For example, stem cells therapy show positive results when used to treat knee and joint problems.

Stem cell therapy vs surgery: which is better?

Like any other things in life, the longer we use something, the faster it breaks down. Our knees and other joints are not an exception. The older we get, arthritis and other similar health issues become more and more common. It starts from difficulties to run, bend, and eventually walk. What started as a slight discomfort will most likely turn to be a nagging pain in the course of a few years.

The combination of pain and difficulties often leave sufferers with one option: a surgery. While many would gladly go under the knife, others shy away from the solution altogether. It does not matter whether or not they can afford it. Those who hesitate often opt against replacement surgery for reasons other than risks. Yes, surgeries regardless of the type aways carry their own adverse reactions and inherent risks.

A better and safer solution to surgery

From reactions to anesthesia and post operative infections, to our body’s rejection of implants and blood clots. Making a decision to get a knee surgery is not an easy one to make. Fortunately for this group of people, there is now a great alternative to knee replacement surgery. An alternative that is less invasive and also, one that does not come with harmful side effects.

Thanks to the advancements in the medical field, you can opt out surgery to treat your chronic knee problems now. The fact that the human body regenerates tissues and cells on a regular basis makes stem cell therapy the best solution to date. With stem cell therapy injections, you may initiate healing and encourage your knee to repair the damage.

As opposed to using implants to treat our knee condition, we rely on our body’s natural healing capabilities. This injection procedure does not only manage pain, but also repair the damaged or degenerating tissues – reducing the need for surgery.