Pure CBD Oil Guide for Beginner

Pure CBD oil is popular today. Many people use it for many purposes, which mostly are for health improvement. However, there are still many people don’t know about this product. They even see it as illegal product, because the ingredient is similar to illegal drug. We can say that this product is legal, as long it was made in correct way and get approval from FDA. But, to understand more about this product, here are some of explanations about CBD oil.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD or Cannabidiol is extract oil that was made of Hemp. You may familiar with its shape, because this plant is also the ingredient for Marijuana. However, what makes CBD oil different is the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level in it. Marijuana has high THC level, which make it become addictive and has psychoactive effect. This effect will give feeling so high to the people that use it, like what illegal drug has. On the other hand, CBD oil has low THC concentration level and high CBD concentration level.

The main reason why CBD oil doesn’t has high THC is because the Hemp itself. This plant has low amount of THC. However, the amount is still above the limit which is allowed. With the special process, the Hemp is processed to turn it into CBD oil and lowering its THC concentration into only 3%. This is the amount that is allowed by the law, for using Marijuana for medication. With low THC, this product also has no psychoactive effect, which can make you high.

The Benefits of CBD Oil

When people consume CBD oil, the CBD substance will enter the body and interact with Endogenous Cannabinoid System (ECS). This system has function for many body function regulation effect. For example, it can affect your body health balance, mood, hormone regulation and even pain response. CBD can stimulate this system to work well. Therefore, it will make all of those aspect that affected by this system, turn into normal level. So, in simplest way, we can say that you will have healthy and comfortable body condition. Of course, the effect can’t be achieved instantly. Regular usage is necessary, in order to get the health effect from this product. More than that, you also can take it in large amount, because it will give you unwanted side effects.

The Side Effect of CBD Oil

One thing for sure, you won’t get high side effect like what you can get when you consume drug. However, there are other side effects that you may get, such as:

  • Dry mouth,

  • Lowering your blood pressure,

  • Lightheaded,

  • Drowsy,

  • If Parkinson’s patient use it, it has chance to increase the tremors.

Those side effects are only occurring on some cases. So, this product is still safe to consume. If you want to know more about pure CBD oil, you can find more at HempWorx.com. They have several different types of pure CBD products you can try. And of course, their product will give you the good effect like what you want.