5 Daily Routines for Improving Flexibility and Agility

No matter what level of fitness you find yourself in, it is always important to maintain a certain level of flexibility and agility. If you have ever watched professional athletes limber up prior to a game, you will notice that most of what they do are warm up exercises, which of course are supposed to limber them up. In other words, they need to go into the field or on the court with a certain level of flexibility and agility that enable them to play their best.

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This can be effective for daily living as well. Have you ever noticed how much it hurts and how those muscles rebel when you drop something and need to bend to pick it up? That’s because you are not keeping the body as flexible as it should be just for simple day-to-day living. These 5 routines aren’t difficult, but they should help you limber up enough to face the day ahead.

1. Yoga Stretches

If you really want to do some serious, yet not overly strenuous stretches, try watching videos and reading teachings by yoga master Ilchi Lee. Although athletes benefit from the slow, methodical and graceful moves of yoga stretches, what you will often see is a more robust form of these moves when professional athletes use them. Even so, yoga stretches can help to also make the mind more agile and this is why so many coaches start their warmups with yoga centering stretches.

2. Knee Lifts

There are two different ways to go about doing knee lifts and the type you use is largely determined by your state of health. You can do stationary knee lifts if you have weight or cardiovascular issues but for those who are more active and in better health, running knee lifts are a better alternative. Choose which is best for you.

3. Forward and Backward Lunges

Again, you are working on stretching the leg and torso muscles when you do forward or backward lunges. These don’t need to be done rapidly because you are focusing on stretching, but if you want to get in a bit of cardio, you could speed them up if so inclined.

4. Alternating Toe Touches

There are a number of ways to go about alternating toe touches but the best form for someone looking to limber up is to start in center position touching both toes as you bend. Then lean in across your body and touch the opposite toe with one hand, go back to center and then lean in to the other toe. It’s amazing just how effective this is for stretching.

5. Walk and Shake

Seasoned athletes typically skip, stop, shake a leg and then repeat, shaking the other leg. However, it does take some amount of coordination to make this work rapidly, so you may want to try walking instead. Simply walk a few steps, shake the right leg. Then walk a few more steps and shake the left leg. This helps to cool down the body while working on flexibility and agility.

Don’t let a day go by that you don’t start with at least a few stretching exercises. When you drop that stack of papers at the office, you’ll be happy you limbered up before hopping in the car.