HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service

Healthcare service industry is very prospective indeed but the competition is also very tough. As a healthcare provider with private practice, you are committed to provide personalized care with your medical competencies. Quality of service is also important factor in this industry and it must be shown since the very first step; when the prospective practice calling your private practice clinic to seek information and make an appointment. They need to feel welcomed and get the right information they need.

It is more than just friendly and helpful but the answering service in healthcare industry is also legally required to meet certain standards according to The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Compliance with these standards is important for healthcare provider to provide quality service and protect patient’s sensitive information. But for a small private practice like yours, it may be hard to have in-house answering service. There’s big possibility that you only have one person in reception desk serving incoming services and also answering the incoming calls. On other hand, reliable communication between health care provider and the patients is very crucial to maintain high quality patient care. Trusting the answering service to staffs with lack of knowledge on the field will only lead to inefficiency and it would be hard to be compliant with HIPAA standards.

How can you be sure you have HIPAA compliant answering service at your private practice office? Unicom Teleservices has the best solution. This Chicago based company is a leading provider of answering service and call center with more than 25 years of experience in this industry. Unicom is committed to deliver custom solutions to meet its clients’ particular needs. This company serves clients from wide ranges of industries including serving clients from healthcare industry. Many healthcare service providers, from small clinics to big healthcare centers, are benefiting from HIPAA compliant medical answering service from Unicom helping them deliver excellent patient care quality while also supporting their business to grow.

Does it mean outsourcing the answering service? Yes it does and it is actually a very reasonable option. Unicom’s medical answering service offers complete solutions for healthcare providers of all sizes and it is suitable for all types of healthcare services. Rather than burdening your staffs with the tasks they’re not competent to do, it is better to use medical answering service from Unicom Teleservices. All tasks related to answering service at your private practice will be handled by highly trained and experienced professional agents. It is more than just answering phone calls but it provides seamless communication covering answering incoming calls, patient registration, scheduling appointments, appointment reminders, and many more. This medical answering service also guarantees all patient information is 100% protected. Even better, Unicom allows healthcare provider to retain its existing medical software. The agents will be trained to use your existing software. Unicom medical answering service guarantees optimum communication solutions to support your healthcare practice. This allows your staffs to work at their core competencies. You can focus on doing what you do best knowing you have the most reliable support.