Top 6 Hairstyles For Men In 2018

The magazines and the internet have been filled with the latest spring trends for women, but we have not spotted a lot of men’s hairstyles yet. To keep the men happy, My Beard Guy have therefore put together the six finest hair styles for 2018. From short and shaved at the bottom to long and wavy on top, with or without a beard; there is a suitable hairstyle for every man. Are you or do you know someone whose hairstyle can really use a refresher this year? Or someone who may need a radical makeover? With this inspiration and a good men’s hairdresser or barber you come a long way!

High skin fade + short slick back

This hairstyle has a short shaven bottom, which overflows (fade) into a somewhat longer, combed back top (slick back). The bottom is shaved in model with a clipper, and the half-length top is cut in style with scissors. With this style, the underside is so short that the skin is visible (skin fade) and the capsule only becomes longer at the level of the forehead. The contrast between the top and bottom is quite large, which makes for a tough look. The style is combed back and modeled with a wax or pomade.

Bald fade + comb over

The bald fade with comb over is just like the first haircut largely shaved in model with the hair trimmer. Here too, the underside is very short (bald fade) and the haircut only passes at the level of the forehead into a longer top. The top of this hairstyle is then combed to the side (comb over) and a tight separation is visible.

Medium length + natural flow

Not a fan of a short coup and would you rather keep it a little longer? Then this is your hairstyle. The bottom and sides remain a lot longer (medium length) than the first two hairstyles, and no skin is visible. The top is nice and long and the transition very natural (natural flow). This hairstyle is less tight and therefore very suitable for men who are fan of a nonchalant, messy look. Because the top of the hairstyle does not have to be too tight, you can easily style it with a sea salt or hair spray.

Wavy pompadour + Line up and low fade

Perhaps you have never heard of the term ‘Pompadour’, as you have certainly seen him. This versatile style is in fact one of the most popular hair styles for men. This year you wear it less tight and naturally wavy in combination with a tightly defined hairline (line up) and a low fade. Can it be a little more daring? Then you can also have your crest tint a few shades lighter than the rest of your hair.

Short spikey cut + high skin fade

Not a fan of the crest or are you not such a star in styling this look? Then in 2018 you can also opt for the spine. The well-known hair style is in fact gone back, and more handsome than ever. The spine, or spikey cut, is not as long as the crest, so you do not have to comb it backwards or blow dry in a model. So handy. Wear this hairstyle in combination with a short bottom (high skin fade), for a modern but easy look.

Long fringe + natural movement on top

This style is characterized by the long front (fringe) and the natural, nonchalant look. The sides are slightly longer with this hairstyle, and the transition from bottom to top is subtle. The hairstyle looks stylish and classic, and is very suitable if you do not want to come across too young or too hip. A cut is made during cutting, so that this style automatically falls into shape. Apply a light firming product to fix and voilà, you are good to go.

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