Types of Massage Therapies Offered

Massage therapy is a procedure in which a trained therapist manipulate your body muscle and other soft tissues to solve a particular problem. Massage has numerous benefits to the body and it is recommended that all and sundry should regularly have a massage.

There are a variety of massage therapies that one can enjoy. All these therapies have their own techniques and it mostly depends on your preference. They include;

Chair Massage

A chair massage can either be done by a therapist where he massages certain points of your body such as the neck, arm and shoulder while seated on a chair fully clothed. The second aspect of chair massage is where you sit on a motorized massage chair that uses vibrations to massage your body.

This is good for treating muscle soreness and neck pain.

Hot Stone Massage

This is where the therapist uses heated stones to massage your body. You are to expect two sensations; one is of heat from the stone and the second one is a relaxing sensation. This is ideal for relaxation and muscle tension.

Swedish Massage

This is the most popular type of massage. It involves circular movements on you as well as deep long strokes. It is ideal for general relaxation, relieving stress and solving cramp problems.

Shiatsu Massage

This is where the thumb is used to apply pressure on specific points of your body to release blocked energy that may be causing discomfort. It is ideal for solving headaches, back pain and arthritis.

Thai Massage

It works the same as Shiatsu but this time the entire body is worked on. Joints are stretched and muscles pressured. It is ideal for stress and improving flexibility.

Sports Massage

This massage is ideal for sportsmen and women. It uses a combination of deep tissue massage such as Swedish massage to stretch your muscles. It is used for the treatment of muscle injury as well as prevention of muscle injury.