Good Hygiene Practices When Cooking Outdoors

When it’s the weekend and the weather gods decide that the sun shines bright, this means that you also need to come out and play. Hosting a couple of your friends and family for an outdoor BBQ sounds like the best activity to indulge in. I know you’re already excited about all the options for recipes and drinks; after all, the best parties should be all about some good food, weather, and great company.

Many people enjoy really incredible outdoor pizza ovens. With these, you do not have to worry much about taking so long or burning yourself out before the party even starts. The high­quality wooden ovens are not only for making pizza but can also be used to cook meat, vegetables, bread, and dessert.

Tips on How to Throw an Awesome Outdoor Party

  1. Keep the set up simple
  2. Always pick out easy and classic recipes to which you can add your own fresh twist.
  3. In addition to the beers, craft a signature cocktail
  4. Set the mood with some good music that is specifically geared towards outdoor parties.
  5. Find some thrilling yard games that can be played by both the kids and the adults’

Good Hygiene Practices

All the outdoor fun with friends and family could also present opportunities for contracting some food­borne diseases brought about by unhygienic practices. The risks are even higher in summer because bacteria thrive and multiply rapidly in warm temperatures.

To stay protected it’s really important that you practice safe food handling. Here are some quick tips for safe handling, preparation and serving food:


  • Outdoor Site Preparation


Before you begin grilling and cooking, make sure that all the surfaces are clean. All the utensils and platters that are going to be used should also be kept clean.

If there’s no running water to use for cleaning your hands, uses water from a jug, soap, and some paper towels. Another option for cleaning your hands would be wet disposable towelettes.


  • Getting the Food From The Stores


All the meat, seafood, and poultry should be stored at or below 40°F. This is to inhibit any bacterial growth

Any perishable food should be packed in coolers while frozen on your way from the grocery store. The food should remain in the coolers until it’s time to cook it.

To avoid cross-contamination be sure to keep raw meat, poultry, and seafood securely wrapped. This is really helpful since it keeps the fruits and vegetables that are eaten raw from contamination.

Clean the produce under running water. When you’re dealing with canned foods, always clean the lids before opening them


  • Cooking


Here are some important guidelines that should be followed to ensure that any food that is prepared in ovens or on grills is safe for consumption:

  1. Marinating should never be done outdoors or on the kitchen counter. Marinate the meat in refrigerators.
  2. If you need to defrost, don’t put the food on the counter to thaw. Instead, put the frozen food in water or use the microwave. Once the food is thawed, cook it immediately.
  3. Partially cook the food before grilling. After the food is partially cooked, make sure that it goes on the grill immediately.
  4. Cook the food thoroughly. Use a thermometer to confirm that the food is ready: indicators such as color and texture change can be misleading.
  5. Do not use the same utensils that once held raw food to hold the now cooked food.