Awesome Facts You Should Know About Massage

Massage is the oldest and at the same time the simplest method of health care. It is mentioned in ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Indian and Japanese texts. It is also called “rubbing up” or the practice of anatropous. Massage is a common therapy nowadays offered by different spas all over the world. You can find the best quality spa services at massage Glasgow.

It is not known to many that the oldest known massage ever seen is dated back to the year 2330BC, in the tomb of Akmanthor located in Egypt. A picture from this place shows two men who were being massaged their feet and hands.

The practice of massaging has been scientifically proven to be an effective and suitable treatment for a number of body conditions that include; post-operative pain, frequent migraine, chronic low back pain, and cancer-related fatigue just to mention a few.

Nowadays, most health facilities give reference to professional masseurs. This is because it has been proven a good healthcare provision. It is used along with the normal treatment methods to relieve stress from patients as well as enhancing the blood circulation.

Research has it that massaging kids rather than rocking them will make them fall asleep faster. They will also remain after the mother leaves them. Children having conditions like asthma, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and autism can find comfort in a regular massage. It enables them to lower their anxiety, pain and also inattentiveness.

Massage can improve the quality of sleep you get. This is so true to people suffering from insomnia caused by pain in the body parts. Parents can massage their kids to limit the number of times they cry, increase their sleeping hours and get less stressed. This will enable parents to get a good night sleep.

During a day in last week, 1000 masseurs went to Indonesia and massaged 1000 people within a span of fifteen minutes. This set the world’s largest massage ever witnessed.