Simple Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy

It is essential to understand that healthy feet are vital for staying active, feeling good and maintaining your overall health. However, most people tend to neglect them, and they try to keep up with pain without going to a professional.

If you neglect it from the very beginning, you can get a wide array of feet problems, which is why on the first clue that something is wrong you should visit a Minnesota podiatrist to help you.

But before you reach the point where you need professional help, you should keep your feet healthy and stable by checking out these tips that we will present you below:

Keep Your Feet Dry and Clean

The first thing that you should have in mind when it comes to healthy feet is that everything starts with hygiene. You should thoroughly scrub and clean your feet with water and soap during the shower or bath.

You should also dry them afterward completely because fungal organisms such as athlete’s feet love moisture, so that way you’ll reduce the chances of getting them. By removing wetness, it will be more challenging for them to thrive, and you should dry every single part of your feet, even between toes, because those parts are commonly neglected and affected by fungi.

When you have moisture between your toes, that is a perfect environment to increase the fungi growth, which could ultimately lead to infection and severe pain.

Cut Toenails Properly

Most people do not know how to cut their toenails, and the lousy technique could lead to ingrown toenails, which is a common problem among people from all across the globe. Therefore, you should cut them straight across and avoid close to the skin and rounding the corners of the nails.

Have in mind that prevention is a way better solution than going to a podiatrist and losing precious time and money. If you find that you have cracked, thick or discolored nail, the worst thing that you should do is to hide it with polish and to color it to appear differently.

That could be signal that you have a nail fungus, so as soon as you start polishing it, you will be able to make your problem worse than before and even infect the nail that could lead to, worst-case scenario, an amputation. Check here if you want to learn more on how to cut your toenails properly.

You Should Always Examine Them

By performing self-exam, you will be able to check whether something is happening so that you can start with treatment from the very beginning. You should do it once a week during a shower and take a look on soles and toes whether they have some peeling areas that could affect your overall health.

If you notice something, it means that you have an athlete’s foot, which is discoloration of the nails and soles, and if you do not do anything about it will cause more severe issues.

On the other hand, if you have diabetes, you should check your feet every single day because diabetes could lead to high risks of foot infections and sores.

Protect Your Feet

When you are in public areas such as locker rooms, public pools, and gym, you should make sure that you wear appropriate shoes so that you can protect yourself. These places tend to be a perfect place where you can catch fungi that could lead to severe infection and even more significant issues.

At the same time, the worst thing that you can do is to wear other people’s shoes, as well as socks that someone else wore before. Of course, no one is doing that because it is not hygienic, but even five minutes can cause fungi from footgear, and you will have to pay expensive remedies to treat yourself afterward.

Check this link: so that you can find out more on information on how to deal with sweaty feet.

Wear Cotton Socks

You probably didn’t know that we have 250 thousand sweat glands in each foot, which means that sweating is common especially after long walks and playing sports. Therefore, you should always wear socks that will protect your feet by keeping them dry and healthy.

Avoid socks from synthetic fiber because they tend to moisture faster and they are perfect for getting severe issues. The best solution that you can choose are cotton socks, and in some cases wool ones, but avoid wearing tight ones because they will also trap moisture and cause severe problems.