7 Signs of Stress That are Silently Hurting You

80% of people in the UAE are stressed.

The data is extremely shocking. But, it’s true. And we have to accept it.

The stresses, coupled with the dominance of chronic conditions, have contributed to a rise in the cases of depression in the UAE.

The question is whether or not you are suffering from stress.

Let’s dig in deeper and uncover seven signs of stress that may be silently hurting you.


So, you have tried everything under the sun. Still, your skin isn’t cleaning up. This is a sure sign of tension. Yes, your breakouts could be a cause of your extremely tensed nature, ever so often.

Tension and stress actually stimulate the nerve of the skin. This leads to wreaking havoc on your skin. So, if you have skin issue, stress may be your culprit.

Health Issue

Do not rule out all the possible culprits if you are feeling that your health is a little down. There might be something that you are missing out. From breaking out of your skin to cold sores, there is a reason your body is reacting that way it is. If you rule out all the reasons, it might be stress which is wreaking havoc on your body.

Terrible Headaches

If you have terrible headaches, there is a chance that your stress to be blamed. Whenever you’re stressed, the muscles tense up, which in turn, result in pounding headaches. The condition turns even worse if you’re prone to migraines.

Hair Fall

Hair loss is, to a certain extent, normal. On an average, we lose between 50 and 100 strands per day, even up to 150 in some cases. But if you really feel like you’re losing an excessive amount of hair each day, stress can be the reason.

Stress messes up with the natural growth and worsens your hair fall. Not only does it rest cycle of the hair, but also make your body’s immune system attack your own hair follicles.

Upset Stomach

Don’t be surprised for persistent nausea, cramps or heartburn even though you maintain a good diet. If you are taking a significant amount of stress, it is disrupting the functioning of your tummy.

Always Falling Sick

Excess stress that you have been harboring in your system makes you fall sick. Since your immune system can’t combat the virus, you become a victim of frequent cold and flu.

Weight Gain

When you take a lot of stress, you tend to overeat. This further wreaks havoc on your metabolism. Stress contributes to weight gain in several ways. The number one reason is that you continuously crave for comfort food, which is easy to eat.


Don’t worry about the stress as it can further increase your stress. Instead, learn to say no to overeat. Start exercising, spend time with the people you love, meditate regularly. If stress is increasing, find the best hospitals in Dubai and fix your appointment with a doctor.