Reasons for Avoiding Crash Dieting if Possible

Some people decide to go on a crash diet because they cannot take putting on more weight, and they think that going on one will solve their problems and result in sudden weight loss. Although some people can attest that crash diets have made them achieve their weight loss goals, it is not necessarily the healthiest thing to do. These are some of the reasons to avoid crash diets and stick with healthy diet plans instead.

You are only losing water

The reason why you feel that you are losing weight is that your body sheds water in the process. The excess fat that you want to lose remains. When you start eating or drinking again, it will feel like you did not lose anything at all.

You are hurting your body

You might be achieving your weight loss goals, but you are pushing your body towards becoming unhealthy. When you have fluctuating weight loss and gain you are hurting your cardiovascular system, decreasing glucose tolerance and increasing your chances of having diabetes and heart diseases.

You cannot sustain crash diets

You might feel like you are doing a great job if you can maintain your diet plan for the first few days, but at some point you will give up since crash diets are just not sustainable. As soon as you start eating again, you will end up gaining even more weight because of the additional feeling of failure from the crash diet.

Your mood will keep changing

Since you are depriving yourself of food, your mood will also keep changing. You will feel anger, disappointment, frustration, and many other negative emotions because of your diet plan so even the simple problems, like when your computer freezes, will irritate you. Yes, you might start to lose weight but you might also be losing your friends in the process.

It will get worse once you fail to sustain weight loss

Since there is a high chance that you will not sustain a crash diet plan, you might hurt yourself when you break it. Once you start eating a lot again, you might gain twice as much weight and will not even be in the mood to try any other of the effective diet techniques (even if some of them are suited for you). A crash diet plan can traumatise and lead you to believe that nothing works, when actually that’s not the case.

What you can do

Given all these adverse effects of a crash diet, you need to stick with a diet plan that works and is sustainable like a low carb fast food diet or the keto diet, composed of the best fast food available. Using this plan, you do not deprive yourself of eating foods that are rich in fat, so you can still eat what you want. You might have to reduce your carb intake, but it does not mean you have to let go of carbs altogether, as there are plenty of low carb fast food options and some of them even have delivery services. Therefore, if you want to start this diet plan but have no idea how to prepare your meals, how about try a delivery service.