Indicators of nerve damage

Biology states that there are millions of nerves found in one’s body. It is important to note that most of the nerves are usually concentrated on one area but spread to other parts such as the brain. The nerves play crucial roles in the body such as ensuring coordination of body organs. Therefore, having damaged nerves can even make you immobile and you begin to feel excruciating pain. You can visit to learn more about nerve damages.

This article has discussed some of the things that will help you identify nerve damages.

You begin to feel numb, burning sensations and tingling

Common areas where you may feel notice these symptoms include your hands and legs. You should note that your leg or arm can feel experience these symptoms because of some compressed sensory nerves. This mainly occurs during the night. These symptoms are usually temporary but if they persist please seek medical attention.

It becomes difficult to move a part of your body

This symptom should never be overlooked. If in case you realize that it has become impossible to move a body part, please visit the hospital right away and get checked. It can be an indicator of a more serious underlying issue. It is important to note that damage on the motor neurons can permanently paralyze you if the damage is extensive.

Frequent visits to the restrooms that are in vain

You should understand that damaged nerves tend to send mixed signals to the bladder. You might feel as if your bladder is totally full but on visiting the washrooms you realize that that’s not the case. This condition is most common in diabetic people and mothers that give birth the natural way.

Brief and intense headaches

There are times when you might feel a sharp pinch especially on the neck referred to as occipital neuralgia. When you visit the hospital, the doctors may decide to conduct a nerve block that hinders the pinched nerve from transmitting signals so that the headaches can stop.