What Is the Ketogenic Diet and Ketosis – Keto Craze

Modern lifestyle demands people to maintain their normal body weight, not only to keep them look good but also avoid various health issues such as heart problems, joint aches, and diabetes. Ketosis is one of the most popular weight loss strategies now. Get to know more about this Keto diet here.


Ketosis is actually a natural process occurs in your body. The process is aimed to help your body provides energy for daily activities. During the natural process, there are chemicals called ketones which are released by the liver. Ketosis is a completely normal metabolic process which occurs on a regular basis so that your body can maintain its function and often associated with diabetes and weight loss. When the carbs intake is lower, your body will change the stored fat into energy and produce ketones as well.

Ketosis and Weight Loss – How Are They Related?

The process of ketosis usually doesn’t occur on a person whose body can control the amount of fat burnt effectively and change it into energy. But, your body will search for other energy sources if you drastically cut down the consumption carbs. Then, this will be the stored fats that will be turned into energy. That is how the ketosis contributes to your weight loss.

Ketogenic Diet – What Is It Actually?

Keto diet combines between the Atkins diet and Paleo diet to help you get rid of excess fat quickly. Instead of carbs, these diet plans use protein to provide the fuel needed by your body. The diet is not only useful to boost fat burning in your body but also maintain muscles as well as lower your appetite. Normally, the ketosis process will occur 3 or 4 days after the keto diet is started. The carb intake tolerated by this diet is less than 50mg which can be provided by 2 small bananas, low-fat fruit yogurt, or 3 slices of bread.