Why Romania is the best country for dental tourism?

There is no doubt that dental tourism is the most popular form of medical tourism nowadays. People are seeking for cheaper medical treatment overseas because of the expensive dental services they have home and of course for visiting new places. There are a lot of european countries with modern dentistry, so called European dentistry that are chosen by tourists. But why among all European countries Romania is the best country for dental tourism?

Beauty of Romania

Dental tourism is still tourism and for sure Romania is one of the prettiest country in Europe.

With enchanting town plazas that date back to medieval times, rolling hills as far as the eye can see, castles that hide interesting mysteries, beautiful mountains and spectacular views, as well as a seemingly infinite array of fortresses and churches, Romania is a must see even for an experienced tourist.
Romania’s natural beauty and cultural diversity will surprise every tourist that decides to come here. Bordering a sea, a river and mountains, Romania is full of experiences and places to see. Having a holiday in Romania and at the same time getting healthier is a real pleasure.


Years of Experience in Dental Tourism


Being attentive to changes that occurred in the needs and preferences of tourists coming here, Romania and especially romanian dental clinics started to provide dental services for tourists long ago. We can easily say that clinics providing these services have a solid background in dental tourism. The majority of these institutions provide not only dental services but at the same time offer various facilities and will help you in carrying out the trip and finding accommodation in Bucharest or in other cities.


Up to 70% Less Costs than in your country

We know it seems suspicious and unreal. This is not a joke. Tens of thousands of foreigners treat their smile at up to 70% less costs in Romania every year.  Given the high standard facilities, you might think that the prices should be as high as the standards. However, this is not a story of Romania. The prices here are just a half or even less than in Germany or France. If you think why this is such a huge difference, the answer is quite easy, the life standard in Romania is lower than in other Western countries and dental treatment is not an exception. This is the main reason why most of the people who need a dental treatment come in Romania.


Quality services and specialists trained abroad

The quality of services you will find in Romania’s clinics is the same as in major medical centers in Western countries. This is due to the Romanians experience in this field and the willingness to fulfil patients’ expectations. This is why many clinics implemented european experience, being aware of its long term sustainability.

Moreover, many Romanian dentists that will treat you are trained and educated in Western Europe universities. Romania has a lot of students that benefit from exchange programs and learn practices and technologies developed in these countries.


There is no language bareer in Romania

Despite the fact that official language in Romania is Romanian, locals know English and not only. After the collapse of communism in 80’s learning foreign languages has been a constant trend in Romania not only for young generation but as well as for older generations. The majority of the young generation speaks English, but you will find also people who know French, German, Italian or Spanish. Moreover, clinics that have an activity in dental tourism hire personnel that knows at least one foreign language and train it in order to succeed in having an easier contact with you.


Dental tourism is constantly growing and becomes more popular each year. At the same time the number of countries and clinics available and willing to treat you grow as well. There is no reason you not to benefit from these tendencies here in Romania.  Romania has both the touristic potential and qualitative dental services. You can combine the things you love to do on your holiday and to take care of your health in a beautiful, new, cheap and qualitative place like Romania.