Dental Clinic Your Children Would Love to Go

Dental health is important and it must be well cared from as early as possible. Children who get proper dental care will get benefits as their tooth structure will be developed perfectly and any possible problems can be identified and treated early. However, finding the perfect dentist for children can be challenging. Children must feel comfortable and without any fear when get their dental check and treatment. Traumatic experience while getting dental treatment will make them hesitate to go to dental practice again and it would jeopardize their dental health in the future.

When your child’s tooth is started to grow, it is the right time to start looking for a dentist who is good treating young patients. Of course, the dentist must be the one with excellent skill and knowledge and also important to have a good communication skill and bedside manner. Not all dentists have the talent to work seamlessly with children and while you want the best dentist to take care your child’s dental health, it is even more important to find a dentist that your child will feel comfortable and not intimidated. We have just the right recommendation: Oxford Family Dental.

This is a family dental clinic Port Coquitlam, B.C. serving patients of all ages including toddler and children patients. This dental practice has good reputation in the community as it helps taking care dental health for many families in this town. This clinic offers wide ranges of dental services from general to cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery to specialized procedure such as Invisalign, oral cancer screening, and botox.

Children’s dentistry is one of the dental services of this clinic with high praise. Oxford Family Dental has the expertise and resources to cater young patients ensuring they have optimum dental health. Dental cares and treatments are provided for children with at least six months after the arrival of first tooth. Dental service for children is including promotion of good oral health procedure allowing young patients to learn about how to brush, cleaning teeth, and learn the symptoms of dental problems.

Among the reasons this clinic is the right choice for your child’s dental care is its friendly environment. Children will find the clinic atmosphere comfortable and far from intimidating. The dental staffs; dentists, dental nurses and technicians, and other staffs are friendly and trained to communicate well with children. They also have excellent dental training and experiences to deliver the best quality care.

Still not sure to choose this dental clinic? Why don’t you let your child to get first hand experience? Yes, this dental clinic is offering family practice tour. The tour will let your family to visit the clinic and explore it from the reception, waiting room, treatment room, and supporting rooms throughout the clinic. You will be welcomed by the clinic staffs who will provide information and answer all questions. Children who attend the tour can see and feel the whole clinic and interact with the staffs. Most children would enjoy the tour and they will keep it in their mind that this clinic is fun. Tour attendants also get opportunity to win $50 gift card.