Several Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy


Don’t do the same thing over and over as your brain gets used to the patterns and isn’t challenged the way you need it to be so try variations on what you know.   For some folks, it might be games.  Individuals may love puzzles or searching for new cooking recipes.  Find something you like and continue to try challenges and new variations.  If you like crosswords, proceed to a more challenging string or try your hands at a word game when was the last time you played Scrabble or a similar game with a friend.  If you prefer to cook, try a completely different type of food, or try baking in the event that you’ve mostly been cooking over the stove.  If your spouse doesn’t like new foods great say hello to a neighbor and bring them a dish to try.  It can help you to connect to a neighbor or make a new friend.

 Taking on a new topic is an excellent way to keep it fresh and challenge your mind to learn.  Have you always wanted to learn another language?   Learn how to play golf?  There are many inexpensive classes at community centers or community colleges that allow you to tackle new topics.  Many community colleges have free classes for seniors so inquire on options available it is a great way to get out and challenge yourself which will keep your mind active. 

Volunteering is also a great way to learn about a new area.  Taking courses and volunteering is a wonderful way to boost social relations, which can be another brain strengthener.

 There are good reasons for keeping your brain active as your body.  Keeping your brain active and exercising, by maintaining imagination can help to prevent memory issues and cognitive decline.  The more energetic and social you are and the more you use and sharpen your brain, the more benefits you’ll get.  This is especially true if your livelihood no longer challenges you personally or if you’ve retired from work altogether.

 Work something fresh in every day.   Attempt to work in something new each day, whether it is taking a different route to work or your supermarket or brushing your teeth using another hand (besides brushing your teeth with your other hand will probably make you smile when you’re looking in the mirror).

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Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery Recommendations

Having surgery can be a nerve-racking experience. There are ways to make the experience not feel as overwhelming or stressful. Having informed doctors, nurses, and medical staff can help put your mind at ease. Preparing for surgery, having the proper medical equipment, and post-surgery information can improve your procedure experience. Regulating body temperature and getting the body back to its normal function can be a long process for individuals, Bair Hugger Blankets are commonly used in hospitals to achieve this. Being in the hospital and transitioning back into the swing of everyday life requires specific technologies, techniques, and guidance.

Pre-Surgery Preparation

Surgery can be a scary prospect. Being prepared both mentally and physically can increase your chances of success. Talking with doctors who will be present during the operation is very important. And while you place high trust in the expertise of your care team during the actual surgery, the communication with your doctor beforehand, making sure you are already leading a lifestyle that is healthy, and planning for post-surgery can all assist in the success of the surgery. Read below to learn more about pre-operation communication, lifestyle choices, and planning.


A clear line of communication is of utmost importance, and you should be able to ask questions that you have about the process. Fear of the unknown can add to existing anxiety, and your doctors are there to inform and educate you. Address any concerns or worries you have with your doctor. They will hear your thoughts and concerns and give you the information you need to put those at ease. Surgery is something that most people don’t go through very often. It is normal to feel in the dark about the process. Your doctor’s job is to guide you to a place where you feel you have more answers than questions. It’s also encouraged to learn about your anesthesia and anesthesiologist. “Going under” can be an intimidating concept to many people. Ask any questions or express apprehensions. Next, ask about your diet and make sure what foods and drinks you aren’t supposed to have leading up to the day of surgery. There are certain dietary and time restrictions that are extremely important to the process. Your doctor should inform you of these, but if you have any questions, ask, it is better to be safe than sorry in these situations. Your care team needs you in a specific condition to perform surgery.


Make sure you are at your best. All surgery has its risks, and part of the control a patient has is preparing to be in good physical and mental health. Being active, stretching, and eating healthy are lifestyle habits that should exist in your life before an operation. You want to quickly get back to the level of activity and quality of life you were at pre-surgery. If you have a healthy baseline to work with, recovery will be a shorter and quite possibly a less painful and frustrating road. Putting in the work and effort will be well worth it before surgery, so your body can heal quicker.

Thinking Ahead

Prepare your home, so you are ready post-surgery. Get your home organized, make sure you have what you will need, and situate yourself so you can comfortably settle back into your space. This preparation will help with the practical day to day side of things. This includes getting food you will need, adjusting furniture that might need moving, making sure your bed is at a height that is comfortable for getting in and out of and making sure you don’t have to reach too high or low for everyday items. Another vital prep action is packing a hospital bag. While you’re in the hospital, there are things that you might want from home if you have a more extended stay. It can help make a hospital feel a bit more comforting and homey. Planning like this can lessen the number of things you have to think about after surgery, so you can focus on healing and getting back to your best self. Also, if you still find yourself anxious, relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises and meditation are also recommended.

Technology: Pre and Post-Surgery

Moderating body temperature is of utmost importance before, after, and during surgery. One technique that helps with surgery is a warming system called Bair Hugger used by hospitals to moderate body temperature before, after, and during surgery. Introduced for use in 1988, and developed by Dr. Scott D. Augustine, the Bair Hugger has been used by most major hospitals across the United States and used in over 80% of U.S. hospitals today.

Bair Hugger’s are made out of soft and comfortable material to lay across the patient and evenly distribute heat across the patient’s body. Bair Huggers are used to keep patients safe and assist in the different stages of surgery. Bair Huggers blankets warming units’ filter air, then force warm air through the Bair Hugger blankets. The warm air is dispersed evenly throughout the blanket to keep the patient warm. Medical providers know the importance of patient warming technology and have counted on the Bair Hugger to assist patients in medically related procedures for over 20 years.

From nurses to pediatrics, to cardiac care, a wide range of health providers relies on these blankets to ensure excellent patient outcomes. Moderating body temperature is of utmost importance before, after, and during surgery. This method will continue to be used by healthcare providers around the globe to ensure positive patient outcomes.


Post operation recovery can be significantly reduced with proactive steps taken at the individual level. While these steps might seem simple, they can make the recovery process much more comfortable.


The first step is eating well after surgery. Diet can play a huge role in your recovery. Make sure to ask your doctor what kinds of food are most appropriate, what foods to stay away from, how frequent you should be eating, and what quantity you should be eating. While you are home, and away from the hospital, you should not go on auto-piolet and return to your usual habits. You will have to ease back into certain foods and liquids.

Physical Activity

While you might not be feeling like it, moving is a critical part of the recovery process. Again, ask your doctor how frequent and intense your movements should be. You will likely begin with easy movement and get more active over time. You need to increase your circulation to get back to your original state of activeness. This will be a slow process and happen over time, and it sometimes takes baby steps to get there. In the early stages of post-surgical recovery, many physicians request that heart rate is not to be elevated. We suggest walking in your neighborhood or mall at a regular shopping pace – not an exercise pace. You can do this without raising your heart rate for any length of time. You should stop if you experience fatigue, dizziness, or nausea. Sometimes your mind is ready to be back to average speed when your body needs time to catch up. Make sure you are Intune with your needs and not pushing yourself too hard too fast. Stretching falls in the same vein as physical activity. Don’t allow yourself to become stiff. Make sure you are moving around a little bit and stretching your myself. Going days without getting your circulation flowing is not good for healing. While it’s not always the most enjoyable activity, it is most certainly an important one.


Hydration is an essential element of recovery. While hydration may not be at the forefront of your mind on a daily basis, it should be on your list while recovering from surgery. Certain liquids can increase recovery time, and certain liquids you want to stay away from. Suggested fluids include water, Skim Milk, Diet Nestea, Diet V-8 Splash, Tea, Diluted Fruit Juice (about 4 oz. /day), Flavored water (like Propel) and Crystal Light. It has been suggested to stay away from Gatorade due to high levels of sodium. Another source of hydration can come from fruits like watermelon. In addition to this tasty fruit, there are a number of high water content fruits and vegetables including strawberries, grapefruit, zucchini, and celery. So, if liquids are feeling like an overload, switch it up with some yummy fruits or veggies.


Post-surgery clothing can play a role in the ease and comfort of recovering. Everyday things that might have been simple before can now become challenging. By altering your dressing style, you can simplify the healing process when you have other things you need to be focusing on. It is easy to become frustrated post-surgery, and efficient and straightforward clothing choices can give you one less thing to be inconvenienced by. Avoid buttons, zippers, and focus more on comfort and ease. It’s not a fashion contest when you’re healing.

Surgical Scar care

If you are concerned about a scar and want to minimize the long-term visibility, there are many ideas as to decrease the size of surgical scarring. The act of ‘rubbing’ the scar is the best way to stimulate blood flow and increase the flow of skin-rejuvenating oxygen and nutrients. Use your fingers to apply your chosen cream. There are a variety of ointments you can pick from. Some of these include vitamin C, silicone dressing, or Mederma scar cream. While these products have varying success, an alternative treatment is applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly on a completely closed and sealed scar and covering with an adhesive bandage. For your scar to heal, it is also best practice to avoid major sun exposure for a minimum of one year. Using sunscreen (which is also recommended regardless of if you’ve just had surgery or not) will provide the most protection from permanent discoloration. Checking with your physician for sunscreen and ointment recommendations is wise.


Surgery is a significant life event, and being prepared can make all the difference. Taking proactive steps before surgery, having the right technology for recovery, and knowing how to recover are all vital educational pieces to understanding and preparing for the event. With proper foods and liquids, body regulating technology like Bair Hugger Blankets for pre and post-surgery, moderate exercise, and a care plan, you should be able to make it through the pre and post-surgery waters with success. As always, doctors are there to inform you and help you feel at ease about the process. Knowing who is on your care team, taking care of yourself, following directions, and asking questions will all help the surgery go smoothly.

Promising Results from HIV Vaccine Testing

A clinical trial has tested a HIV vaccine in both humans and monkeys.


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Seeking an Effective Vaccine

The vaccine was designed to stimulate certain proteins that can interact with HIV and prevent it from producing a permanent infection.

Researchers recruited 393 healthy people to take part in the trial. They received the vaccine or a placebo – participants and researchers were not aware which – and were monitored for a year.

The researchers looked at different versions of the vaccine during the study to see which might work best.

Simultaneously, a similar study took place on 72 rhesus monkeys for comparison. The study saw the monkeys exposed to HIV infection for six weeks to see if the vaccine was effective.

Results of the Study

The aim was to see whether the vaccine was safe and whether it was still working after a year. After that time, both humans and monkeys still had traces of the vaccine in their immune system.


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When the monkeys were exposed to a type of HIV that affects monkeys and apes, different types of the vaccine provided different levels of protection.

In a group of 12 monkeys, the vaccine prevented HIV infection among two-thirds.

Human participants’ immune systems coped differently with variant versions of the vaccine. The best result or ‘binding response’ was 100% at 52 weeks.

Future trials are due to take place on the vaccine.

Background of the Study

The researchers came from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and pharmaceutical firm Janssen.

This particular study was a combination of a phase 1 and phase 2 trials: adaptive phase 1 clinical studies are engineered to find out whether an intervention is safe and effective at the most basic level. Parameters of the trial can be modified according to observations.

In these adaptive phase 1 clinical studies, the researchers decided to conduct studies in monkeys and humans in tandem to make the testing process more effective.

The future stage mentioned above is a phase 3 trial, where greater numbers of people receive the vaccine.

For more on human HIV testing, see

These findings are positive. But the study was only designed to test for safety and effectiveness at a basic level. The further trials still to be held will build on the work of this study.


Actions To follow along with Whenever Getting a Great Dental professional

Sustaining a good dental cleanliness is really a essential aspect to consider. You mustn’t ignore dental health because helps you to enhance the all around health from the entire body. If you’re dealing with any type of issue, then you definitely should navigate to the dental professional to recuperate as quickly as possible. Getting a great physician is important while you as well as your dental practitioners have been in the long-term romantic relationship because dental health treatment companions. You have to discover 1 along with who you’re comfy within talking about your own difficulties. There are many points to consider whenever getting a great dental professional inside your surrounding area. Listed here are probably the most efficient ideas to cause you to begin.

Surf the net:

The initial step of the procedure is actually to begin with web browsing. That you can do just a little investigation on the web to obtain great understanding more than numerous dental practitioners inside your surrounding area. Following conclusion associated with investigation, you’ll certainly obtain a summary of dental practitioners inside your surrounding area. You need to examine all of the recognized web sites of these dental practitioners to ensure which will work for a person.

Request Suggestion:

You are able to request your loved ones physician in order to suggest a few titles. This will help you thin lower your own procedure. You are able to consider assist out of your family members. Question them for any suggestion. You’ll certainly make contact with a great dental care doctor following obtaining numerous suggestions. When there is any kind of dental care college inside your surrounding area, you are able to proceed presently there in order to make contact with a great dental professional.

Great Area:

Be sure you are going for the dental care center that’s close to your house. A great location is essential to take care of a myriad of immediate instances. You could have a good severe dental discomfort through the night. Therefore you need to select a center that’s simple to achieve through vehicles anytime associated with day time.

Correct Accreditation:

Make certain the actual dental practitioners possess correct understanding as well as training in neuro-scientific the field of dentistry. You can examine the actual records from the physician to ensure regarding their trustworthiness. You are able to see the recognized web site to ensure their dependability. You need to examine the actual recommendations to possess a excellent understanding within the physician.

Dependability along with Sufferers:

Following obtaining details about a number of dental practitioners inside your surrounding area, you can travel to their own center. Speak to a doctor as well as examine their dependability. Simply tell him regarding your own difficulties. There are lots of instances whenever individuals possess crucial dental difficulties. That’s the reason you need to examine when the dental professional is actually effective to take care of crucial instances or even not really.

Following thinking about each one of these ideas, lastly examine the actual cleanliness degree of the actual center. Make certain it’s thoroughly clean and very advantageous with regard to sufferers. You’ll certainly make contact with probably the most notable dental professional inside your surrounding area following thinking about each one of these elements.

The Best Products to Improve Your At-Home Oral Care Routine

You were probably taught from a young age to eat fruits like apples and berries in order to nourish your body with antioxidants. By fighting away dangerous free-radicals, preventing disease, and supporting the body’s natural detoxification processes, antioxidants are essential components of lasting health and wellness.

But did you know that the use of antioxidants extends further than your immune system asks Dr. Tadro, a Largo dentist in Florida? They also play a critical role in the health of your mouth as well. Since the entire oral cavity is constantly besieged by bacteria from food and drink, it’s all too easy for infection and disease-causing agents to settle in the mouth and wreak havoc. Unfortunately, oral tissues are very delicate and extra sensitive to the damage that free-radicals and oxidative stress can cause.

The Oral Care – Antioxidant Connection

Supplementing the mouth with antioxidants has been proven to support healthy tissue and protect against oral diseases like cancer. Antioxidants already exist naturally in saliva, but they often aren’t enough to neutralize free radicals. Eating antioxidant-rich foods can help, but the best results can only be achieved by supplementing with oral products that are formulated with powerful antioxidants.

While you might be able to find products on store shelves that claim to offer antioxidant power, clinically proven products with reliable quality can only be obtained through your dentist’s office St. Petersburg. PerioSciences is one such brand that recently released the market’s first line of oral care products that harness the power of antioxidants to create a natural, safe, and effective oral care system. PerioSciences offers gel, rinse, and toothpaste, all with extra antioxidants to keep the mouth as healthy as possible.

PerioSciences Products That Will Benefit Your Dental Health

The PerioSciences AO ProVantage Gel contains antioxidants, xylitol, and essential oils to freshen breath while soothing soft tissue in the oral cavity. The antioxidants in this gel are flavonoids and polyphenols known to inhibit destructive enzymes, and the essential oils like peppermint, thyme, sage, and clove have been used since ancient times to treat inflammation and fight bacteria. You will likely need to find a Trinity dentist nearby to help assist with this procedure.

The AO ProRinse, meanwhile, is an oral rinse that helps to moisturize and soothe oral tissue, freshen breath, and whiten teeth. It is proven to counteract bad breath while helping the mouth balance its natural salivary defense system to maintain ultimate oral health. Of course, no line would be complete without toothpaste. The AO ProToothpaste provides maximum cleaning power to polish the teeth, remove plaque build-up, and keep the mouth clean.

These are the products your mouth needs for lasting, visible health and vibrancy.

How to use a beard trimmer

These days, any gadget that can help you save on time is heaven-sent. With a good beard trimmer you will save time as well as money you would have spent at the barber shop. Beard trimmers offer the best results if used correctly. Accidents can also occur when using them and therefore you are advised to take adequate precaution measure when using them.

Before you begin, fix a guard to the trimmer. There are many guard options that are available and you select the one that suits your choice. A guard will help you to shave your beard to a length that you desire. There even those that are designed for specific hairstyles such as chinstrap. If you prefer to have a shorter beard, there is no need for you to use a guard.

Use the beard trimmer to shave your facial hair against its grain. You can first begin with a guard comb if your beard is long. Once you have gone over it entirely, you can remove the guard or use a smaller one to trim it to the length you intend. Use to flat part of the beard trimmer against your face for optimum results. Remember to shave your face and your neck.

Once you’re done, dispose of your clippings in a wastebasket. You can use a damp paper towel to wipe out the clippings that fell on your sink or floor. Remove the guard that is on the beard trimmer and cleanse it with soap and water. It is advisable to use warm water for rinsing the guards as this will help in removing any hair that is sticking on it.

Most beard trimmers come with a brush that is used for brushing away the hair that is left between the blades. Push up the blade head to remove the blades and then clean it gently using a cotton swab. Once you are done return the blade head back to the beard trimmer and then turn it on for a few minutes. This will help you get rid of any hairs that might have remained.

Much less Extreme Up and down Leap Instruction

A typical misunderstanding when you’re utilizing up and down leaping workouts to improve the amount of your own up and down leap is actually that you ought to end up being while using types that are very extreme. It’s considered how the strength includes a really considerable impact on the actual up and down leap and that’s why the majority of the types who’re recently associated with the actual delivery from the leaping workouts selects in order to workouts inside a a lot extreme method. Obtain up and down leap instruction that you can do to improve up and down leap.

This kind of take on up and down leaping workouts is recognized as like a misunderstanding since the types of obtaining the improvement isn’t very just like those mentioned over. Strength is actually something which a person achieve along with encounter, both of these are thought like a few.

Certainly there’s a thing that you can achieve through extreme work-out, however you ought to be ready associated with it’s negative effects particularly if you’re not really ready for this. Extreme leaping workouts are in fact meant just for individuals who are prepared, there’s excellent need with regard to activities when you’re below this kind of situation that why you need to be ready for this.

You ought to begin with the actual much less extreme leap instruction; a few may be negative along with this kind of degree of physical exercise since it just entails very fundamental actions, even though it is very fundamental this could significantly assist in improving your own fundamentals about the workouts. Because what’s stated over strength might be achieved via period, as well as with this you may want to spend time using the much less extreme kind of leaping physical exercise before you decide to proceed using the a lot extreme 1.

Don’t weaken the significance from the much less extreme leaping workouts with regard to it might take it’s cost you later on. Undermining this kind of issues might generally result in accidental injuries as well as most detrimental you might not have the ability to perform the actual workouts if you’re suffering from this kind of accidental injuries.