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Assisted Living Residence in Phoenix, Arizona


Preparing for life after retirement isn’t just about having a good retirement saving or investment but it is also to make sure that you have a proper place with proper care to support your life when you no longer take care of yourself independently.

You may be thinking that everything is well prepared as you already have own house and good retirement plan. But it is also important to consider that there will be time when you no longer able to live independently by yourself. In senior age, physical and mental condition would be decreasing and not to mention there might be some health conditions requiring extra care. It would be difficult to ask any of your children to live with you as they already have their own life and moreover, they may not be really capable to provide the care you need. This is the reason why looking for the right assisted living residence where you can spend your senior life. You may not plan to move there anytime soon but when you already know which assisted living residence you will go, it will make it a lot of easier when the time comes.

Assisted living residence is a residential facility with integrated healthcare and living assistances for its residences. This type of facility is designed mostly for senior people who no longer able to live independently due to aging or certain health conditions. An assisted living facility must be able to provide proper residential facilities and also assisted living staffs and healthcare providers stand by to provide care to all residents.

There are licensed assisted living facilities all over the country and here in the state of Arizona, you can find numbers of this facility. However, it won’t be easy to find the right facility to choose. The process can be really overwhelming and don’t forget, it can be really costly. As you want nothing but a peaceful and happy life in your senior age, we are strongly recommend you to check A Caring Hand for Mom (and Dad). This is a licensed and certified provider of assisted living care based in Arizona. This organization is committed to provide the best quality of service and compassionate care for senior people ensuring them to have the highest quality of life.

This organization manages several assisted living facilities on different locations throughout Arizona and other states, including facilities around Phoenix, AZ. All facilities are located on rural area surrounded with natural landscape. All facilities have comfortable residential space designed for senior people and equipped with complete facilities including in house health clinic. The staffs are including licensed healthcare professionals and certified assisted living caregivers. They are well trained and well experienced, and more importantly, they are highly dedicated to deliver compassionate care to each and every patient.

Learn more about A Caring Hand for Mom (and Dad) from the website and get information about their facilities. It is highly advised to call and schedule a visit to one or more facilities for more detailed information and the prospect you can spend your life there.

Good Hygiene Practices When Cooking Outdoors

When it’s the weekend and the weather gods decide that the sun shines bright, this means that you also need to come out and play. Hosting a couple of your friends and family for an outdoor BBQ sounds like the best activity to indulge in. I know you’re already excited about all the options for recipes and drinks; after all, the best parties should be all about some good food, weather, and great company.

Many people enjoy really incredible outdoor pizza ovens. With these, you do not have to worry much about taking so long or burning yourself out before the party even starts. The high­quality wooden ovens are not only for making pizza but can also be used to cook meat, vegetables, bread, and dessert.

Tips on How to Throw an Awesome Outdoor Party

  1. Keep the set up simple
  2. Always pick out easy and classic recipes to which you can add your own fresh twist.
  3. In addition to the beers, craft a signature cocktail
  4. Set the mood with some good music that is specifically geared towards outdoor parties.
  5. Find some thrilling yard games that can be played by both the kids and the adults’

Good Hygiene Practices

All the outdoor fun with friends and family could also present opportunities for contracting some food­borne diseases brought about by unhygienic practices. The risks are even higher in summer because bacteria thrive and multiply rapidly in warm temperatures.

To stay protected it’s really important that you practice safe food handling. Here are some quick tips for safe handling, preparation and serving food:


  • Outdoor Site Preparation


Before you begin grilling and cooking, make sure that all the surfaces are clean. All the utensils and platters that are going to be used should also be kept clean.

If there’s no running water to use for cleaning your hands, uses water from a jug, soap, and some paper towels. Another option for cleaning your hands would be wet disposable towelettes.


  • Getting the Food From The Stores


All the meat, seafood, and poultry should be stored at or below 40°F. This is to inhibit any bacterial growth

Any perishable food should be packed in coolers while frozen on your way from the grocery store. The food should remain in the coolers until it’s time to cook it.

To avoid cross-contamination be sure to keep raw meat, poultry, and seafood securely wrapped. This is really helpful since it keeps the fruits and vegetables that are eaten raw from contamination.

Clean the produce under running water. When you’re dealing with canned foods, always clean the lids before opening them


  • Cooking


Here are some important guidelines that should be followed to ensure that any food that is prepared in ovens or on grills is safe for consumption:

  1. Marinating should never be done outdoors or on the kitchen counter. Marinate the meat in refrigerators.
  2. If you need to defrost, don’t put the food on the counter to thaw. Instead, put the frozen food in water or use the microwave. Once the food is thawed, cook it immediately.
  3. Partially cook the food before grilling. After the food is partially cooked, make sure that it goes on the grill immediately.
  4. Cook the food thoroughly. Use a thermometer to confirm that the food is ready: indicators such as color and texture change can be misleading.
  5. Do not use the same utensils that once held raw food to hold the now cooked food.

Mental Health – The Issue That No One Wants To Talk About

Mental health can affect anyone, irrelevant of age, sex or background with devastating results. Women and young girls seem to be in the news with mental health issues – a recent report in England has stated that the number of teenage girls self-harming has doubled in the past few years. But the real reason is that females are more open to talk about mental health issues, when males are not.

Teenage girls admitted to hospital as a result of self-harming has almost doubled.

One girl had been self-harming for the past 2 years, resulting in numerous hospital visits; this was a direct result of social media and peer pressure, with magazines showing the picture perfect body. A girl thinking this is the norm, start feeling depressed, they may encounter bullying and the dark cloud descends which they feel they can only solve by self-harming.

England’s NHS figures for mental facilities has documented that teenage girls up to eighteen have been admitted to a facility 13,462 times in 2017, this is a huge increase from 7,326 admissions in 1997. There is a noticeable increase in self-injury in England around the time leading up to exams, as the teenagers bottle all their problems up and do not know what to do.

However in males, the rise has stayed the same in hospital admissions, which was approximately 2,000 for the past 19 years, but as it has come to light recently males tend to commit suicide instead of talking about problems.

I was recently admitted to a facility and I had dark moments, which I tried to commit suicide by hanging myself on a TV in my hospital room, but fortunately the TV was protected by a suicide resistant TV enclosure ( and I was unsuccessful as the material I was trying to create a ligature with just slide off the TV box, saving my life.

As a man, I have discovered that we have to talk about mental health issues openly, stop the macho rubbish, if we have an issue talk to a friend, if there is no friend to talk too, speak with your partner, if they are not supportive contact someone like the Samaritans. The number 1 thing I took away from my experience is we all need to talk; you need to speak with people who will listen, without making any judgement.

For how to spot signs of self-harming see here

Writing Types and Strategies

What is the principle key of essay writer? The appropriate response is to write with a specific end goal to demonstrate your feeling, thought, creative energy or an article. The essential phases of this procedure and the applications to be completed at these stages are recorded.

essay writer Procedure .

  1. Arrangement
  2. an) In the arrangement stage, the subject, reason, target mass and sort of the content to be composed ahead of time are resolved. The all around characterized subject is very much characterized, which makes it less demanding to essay writer. To delimit the cone it must be plainly characterized which course of the cone will be taken. The assurance of the kind of content to be composed is additionally imperative at this stage on the grounds that the article must convey the essential building components. As indicated by species, building components will be clarified independently in related units.
  3. b) In the readiness stage, besides, musings, data and occasions to be utilized as a part of the content are distinguished. The approaches to apply for this reason will be clarified encourage in the accompanying area.
  4. Arranging
  5. an) In the arranging of the composition, the fundamental idea/message of the content is resolved first. A post rotates around an idea or message. This is the focal point of the principle thought and every single other evaluator build up its place.
  6. b) It is important to distinguish and rank helper thoughts identified with thought/correspondence in arranging stage. They have not been focused on the way that they are supporters or masterminds who bolster or build up the thought.


  1. c) Assurance of methods for creating thoughts that help helper thinking constitutes the last advance of the arranging stage. The methods for building up the thought will be clarified in detail for the heading “passage”.
  2. Making Draft Content

Essay writer as per the writing and design, arrangements for the procedure. The draft content is the best approach to build up the fundamental idea, assistant imagined that was resolved previously. While making draft message, the radio wire of various sentence structures will enhance both the importance and the structure of the content. For instance, if a circumstance is portrayed, thing phrases utilize verb states all the more much of the time if the occasion is depicted. The utilization of verb expressions and thing phrases is constantly required in the event that you consider “how to write  my paper.”

  1. Amendment and Improvement

Draft content, clearness, effortlessness, lucidity; connection and consistency between sections; spelling, accentuation, page design and so on. Opening and altering by opening additionally constitutes an imperative advance of the written work process. Tenderfoots in this stage take the setting of the content and revamp it.

  1. Report Sharing

Imparting the composed content to educators, companions or relatives and taking the assessments of their written work constitutes the last stage in the composition procedure. Composed articles; can be perused so anyone might hear to the class, showed on the school clipboard, imprinted in electronic media or in different magazines and imparted to the perusers. The most imperative thing to note in the sharing stage is to act in the cognizance of the legitimate and good duty of the delivered and shared writings. In this regard, the obligation of every content has a place with the individual who composed and shared it. The endeavor of this obligation additionally carries with it moral and legitimate need.



Can you get scurvy from not eating your greens?

Scurvy is caused by a deficiency in Vitamin C. Vitamin C can be found in fruits and vegetables including citrus fruits, berries, kale, spinach, green peas, capsicum, and broccoli.

The body does not produce Vitamin C naturally but needs it for healing wounds, preventing infection, absorbing iron from food and keeping bones and skin healthy.

The recommended amount of Vitamin C for adult men and women is 90mg and 75mg respectively.

Signs of scurvy can develop after four weeks of continual Vitamin C deficiency, but it takes three or more months for symptoms to appear. The early signs of Vitamin C deficiency include weakness, inexplicable exhaustion, lowered appetite, irritability, aching legs and fever.

According to the experts at House Call Doctor, after three months symptoms of scurvy can include anaemia (lack of red blood cells), skin haemorrhages, large bruises often on the legs and feet, bleeding gums, chest pain, headaches, tooth decay, and swollen joints.

Having a restrictive diet, eating very little, smoking and daily alcohol consumption can lead to an increased risk of developing scurvy.

It is possible to develop scurvy if you do not eat your greens, but it would be the result of a consistently poor diet lacking in fruits and vegetables. Even a person who doesn’t eat a healthy diet all the time is not usually considered at risk of scurvy.

Most people treated for scurvy feel better after 48 hours and recover fully in two weeks.

Scurvy can be treated by adding fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet or adding some Vitamin C to your diet. Vitamin C dissolves in water. Extended storage of vegetables can lower the vitamin content in food, so it is best to eat fruit and vegetables raw, as soon as possible.