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Is Running that Useful?

Running is a popular sport among amateurs because of its simplicity. One does not need anything but own will in order to run. Running is available in the city, in the park, in the forest or on the stadium. Running doesn’t require any special dressing. Although Essay Writing can be tolerated differently but there are services out there like Getessaynow but we can tackle that some other time.

Running gained its massive popularity in USA right after Frank Shorter had won his Marathon Run in Munich on 1972 Olympic Games. Then, the American running ideologist James Fix published his bestseller book “Complete Book of Running”. These two inspired tens of millions of people in USA and Europe to perform regular runs.


Jogging, a “public” running shape, became a part of a successful persons’ lives.

Running is promoted by sports clothes producers, by sportsmen themselves, by humans who got into the healthy life due to different reasons. Someone found a reason to get rid of bad habits because of running.

Still, there can be met lots of controversial facts about running being useful or not: both in researches and folk phrases.

James Fix himself died right during his run in the age of 52, and that became the reason why skeptics started to dominate over runners and their way of life.

“Thanks to a healing run, people get heart attacks while having much better health than earlier” – that is what someone unknown once said about running.

Still, running is more useful than its absence. Journal of the American College of Cardiology published a research data, which showed joggers to live averagely 3 years longer.

The research proved even those who have short runs one-two times a week to get a lower chance of death due to a heart attack.

How to Start Running and Not to Hurt Yourself

  1. Main thing here: do not get a physical overload. Moderate jogging “for pleasure” is the best choice for people who are far from sports and who use physical exercises as their way to get healthier or fitter. Untrained organism is better not to be fully loaded. It is even better to consult a doctor before you start running activities.
  2. Start training 3 times a week, using a combination of running and walking in a 1:2 or even 1:3 proportion: 2/4 minutes or 30/90 seconds. Increase running time after the first week. Overall training time is 25-30 minutes.
  3. Get used to a right technique. Place your head, look straight forward, not onto the ground. Bend your elbows under 90 degree angle, keep palms in fists but do not try to squeeze something with them. Land onto the middle of your foot and push with your toe. Proceed with short steps. And do not slouch!
  4. Start every training by a warm-up, and finish with a stretching session. Warmup allows your blood and oxygen to flow into muscles more intensively, and stretching works for muscles to recover faster after every training.

If to keep up to these simple rules, your runs will fit you perfectly, and will make your life really healthy. Sportsmen hurt themselves not because of their regular trainings, but because of constant overloads. To be the best in sports, one needs to constantly go out of their limits. To be a successful runner in life, it’s enough to perform moderate training regularly.

Perhaps, it is worth to finish this short article with an advice like: go and run right now. But it is better to think on equipment first. One can run in gumshoes, right. Yet special running shoes fit better here. Choose ones you like the most, but remember that proper exercise technique and right training schedule are much more important to save your health than shoes.

Order the Right Award Plaque for Best Employee Award

A dedicated employee is the one who are willing to give the best to complete the task given to them. Having employees like that is what you need to reach your business goal. Employees must feel that they are highly appreciated not only from the proper salary but also how you can create a god working environment at the office. It is also important to encourage them to show their best ability and performance. Best employee award can be one strategy to let your employees to perform better.

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A Tummy Tuck Can Improve and Sculpt Your Body Contours

Humans have always had an elevated concern about their outward appearance and aesthetics. To this end, history records cosmetic procedures dating back as far as 750 A.D in parts of Central Asia and India. A variety of body altering techniques fall under the cosmetic surgery discipline. Among these procedures is the much acclaimed tummy tuck also known as an Abdominoplasty. This surgical procedure is aimed at reshaping the mid-section by removing excess fat, skin and correcting abdominal muscle deformities that may result in a pot belly in both men and women.

Exercise and other means to lose the extra pounds may not always work or leave your tummy looking as trim as you’d prefer. It is worth noting, however, that abdominoplasty procedures are NOT a substitute to healthy lifestyles and dietary habits. Essentially, tummy tucks can only take off ten pounds and no more. By principle therefore, the procedure wouldn’t create much difference in obese and overweight persons. Several factors may contribute to an individual reaching a tummy tuck consensus. The following factors may often be a precursor to a less than desirable waistline warranting an abdominoplasty:

  1. Pregnancy: During pregnancy, several things happen. First is the obvious bulge caused by the growing fetus underneath. As the unborn child continually grows, the abdominal skin is stretched to accommodate the gradually increasing uterine volume.
  2. Yo-yo dieting: Alternating cycles of weight loss and gain may result in profound and often negative results. The net effect is loose and saggy skin concentrated around the abdominal region. Yo-yo dieting is known to have the most profound effect in members of the male sex. Fat deposits tend to accumulate more around the abdominal region in men than in women.
  3. Age: Over time, the skin gradually loses elasticity and sagging results.
  4. Previous surgical procedures: Operations performed on the mid-section may leave scar tissue. Non-cosmetic surgeons don’t always observe neat suturing techniques. Tummy tuck procedures may involve resurfacing and recontouring in such cases.
  5. Wrong weightlifting techniques can cause the abdominal muscle gap to enlarge. The abdominal muscle profile is altered and in some instances may weaken.

The main aim of tummy tuck procedures is to improve the general appearance of the waistline. This technique may involve liposuction also popular in resculpting. Tummy tucks are an individual procedure but may also be offered during a full body lift surgery. This technique is an excellent choice for individuals struggling with a combination of excess fat, skin and possibly weakened abdominal muscles. The desired effect is a slimmer well-toned and trim waistline. A tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure which as soon as it’s done, a great deal of care is necessary to ensure a smooth healing process with minimal scarring.

In conclusion, it is important to note that an abdominoplasty requires planning, resources and comprehensive post-surgical care. Tummy tucks do improve and sculpt body contours. Not everyone is endowed with the perfect body or the perfect waist and tummy in that respect. It takes courage to accept fault in one’s body and to actually go ahead and make the decision to take corrective measures.The results of a tummy tuck are meant to last a long time but you’re are advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle and dietary habits if you want the tummy tuck results to hold.

Dr. Gregory H. Croll is the owner of his own practice, and the leading doctor for tummy tucks in Columbia, MO.


Laminitis in Horses

Laminitis in horses has become a very common condition these days and is mostly due to the pappy and abundant pastures on which most of the horses and ponies are grazed. Horses are mainly classified as foragers or grazers. Their digestive systems are so compatible to cope up with the continuous supply of some amount of roughage in form of lush pastures. Laminitis is often seen in domestic horses and not in wild horses. Wild horses have to travel very long distance in search of enough food to keep themselves alive. Most wild grasses are generally low in nutrients. Whereas domestic horses get more than enough amount of nutrients grasses and they don’t even have to travel long distance to get food. As a consequence the domestic horses increase the chance of suffering from laminitis as they consume more sugar than their body can handle. The stored sugar leads to a laminitis horse. Also many of the stable horses are given huge amount of grains in one feeding and then are left for hours without food which disrupts their digestive system and contributes to laminitis.

Laminitis is basically a disease which affects the feet of hoofed animals and is generally seen in horses and other cattle. It is an extremely painful condition which cripples the animal. Inflammation of the sensitive structures in the hoof of the animal are called lamellae. The coffin bone is held firm within the hoof capsule by the means of lamellae. One can predict the connection by looking at the white line of a healthy hoof. The narrower is the white line stronger is the connection. Whereas stretch in the white line indicates a compromised connection. If laminitis is left untreated, it can often lead to founder where the bone gets detached from the hoof capsule. In severe cases it can even penetrate into the sole. The early stages of laminitis in a horse is called acute and when it has been present for a long time it is called chronic laminitis. The lamina supports the weight of the whole animal

by supporting the pedal bone in the hoof. In severe laminitis cases, the pedal bone often sinks and rotates due to the inability of the lamina which cannot support it anymore. When the pedal sinks too far it, it can penetrate into the foot from the sole. It is often incurable but in some cases it can be cured with an expense of lot of money, time and patience. Any pony can be affected by this disease and mainly their front feet gets affected.