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The Hair Loss and Baldness Facts & Myths You Need to Know

If you’ve attempted to understand baldness, chances are you’ve come across a lot of strange ideas and information online. Some people claim that baldness can be caused by anything from your testosterone levels to your hat being too tight. So, what are the facts and what myths do you need to stop believing?

Hair loss & baldness myths

Myth 1: Shampooing your hair too often will make it fall out

In the same way that specific shampoos aren’t going to speed up your hair growth, washing your hair too often isn’t going to lead to hair loss either. We can all lose up to 100 hairs every day so those extra hairs in the shower or bath are very normal. If you are experiencing hair loss though, it’s definitely not due to your shampooing habits.

Myth 2: Your hat could be causing your baldness

It doesn’t matter what type of hat you wear or how you wear it, it’s not going to make you go bald. Even though your hair follicles do need oxygen to thrive, they get their supply from your blood and not from the air.

Myth 3: Touching your hair too often will make you go bald

Playing with your hair is not going to cause it to fall out. If you are obsessively touching or pulling your hair, your hair loss is more likely being caused by the stress you’re experiencing than the action itself.

Myth 4: Once your hair starts thinning, it will continue to do so

There are many reasons why your hair can start thinning, including stress, infections, pregnancy or even menopause. The minute you treat the underlying trigger, your hair will get thicker again. In cases where the thinning is permanent, a hair transplant clinic in Sydney such as Martinick Hair can assist.

Myth 5: If you want thicker hair you should shave it

The only way that your hair will get thicker is if your hair follicles are healthy. Shaving your head won’t have any effect on your follicles so it won’t thicken your hair either.

Hair loss & baldness facts

Fact 1: Internal factors can cause baldness more than external factors can

Genetics, diet, hormones and your general health are far more likely to cause baldness than external factors such as smoking. Unfortunately, if a patient becomes stressed due to the hair loss, it could make the balding even worse.

Fact 2: Genetics is the leading contributor to hair loss & baldness

Male pattern baldness is one of the most common genetic disorders around today and causes hair loss in over 90% of men and sometimes women too.

Fact 3: Hair loss is permanent

If your hair loss is being caused by a temporary situation or trigger such as smoking, disease, stress or unhealthy eating, hair loss can be reversed once the cause is addressed. Hair transplant clinic, Martinick Hair, can assist patients who are balding due to genetics though.

Fact 4: A correct diagnosis is necessary

The only way to start treating your hair loss is to consult with a medical professional who has the necessary experience and qualifications.

The bottom line is hair loss and baldness can be treated and it doesn’t have to impact your self-esteem.

Easy However Efficient Methods to Fight Hair thinning

Hair thinning is among the most typical difficulties confronted through many at some time within their existence. In the following paragraphs let’s discover what essentially leads to this to see a few of the organic herbal treatments that are extremely useful within fighting this issue as well as assisting within development associated with brand new locks.


There are plenty associated with factors such as depressive disorders, contaminated atmosphere or even it is also hereditary within character however the primary reason for hair thinning that’s been discovered is actually extra manufacturing associated with DHT in your body that weakens the actual follicles of hair therefore producing the actual locks free their own hold as well as drop away.

How you can Fight This

The actual first of all point regarding would be to begin the therapy once you understand that hair tend to be beginning to drop. Subsequent tend to be a few of the things you can do that really help within placing an end upon additional hair loss in addition to assist in development associated with brand new locks.

1. Consist of suitable proteins in what you eat because locks comprise associated with proteins therefore insufficient proteins content material within your body is actually certainly likely to lead to hair getting fragile and thus slipping away.

2. Organic herbal treatments such as noticed palmetto as well as ginko biloba happen to be discovered to diminish DHT content material in your body that is the primary reason for hair thinning. You are able to consider these types of herbal treatments within tablet or even tablet type to enhance your general health.

3. Prevent shampoos since the chemical substances contained in all of them much more damage compared to great for your locks rather make use of natural shampoos that provide needed nutrition towards the locks without having deterioration all of them.

4. Consider suitable rest as well as stay match because tension can also be grounds with regard to hair thinning.

5. Utilize essential oil in order to locks head it will help within conditioning the actual follicles of hair.

Implementing all these techniques will certainly help you to get gone hair thinning issue in addition to help to make hair wholesome as well as glowing.

Spot the Distinction inside your Locks Along with House Hair regrowth Treatments

Both women and men as well tend to be familiar with shed locks in our grow older, exactly where populace as well as air pollution tend to be developing such as nothing you’ve seen prior. What causes hair thinning tend to be diverse. Males free locks mainly because of man design hair loss, that is clinically referred to as Androgenetic alopecia. And also the ladies people possess encounter which the reason for their own hair thinning is a result of a number of factors, as well as can’t be zeroed on a single. There are many hair regrowth treatments that you could exercise in your own home too:

1. You need to adhere to a great locks treatment program. A great regimen is really a should because which allows hair to find the correct quantity of treat as well as remedy.

2. Cutting down on your own hair regularly may guide hair to develop in a quick speed.

3. Warm essential oil remedy is a great method of improving hair development. Consider 1 teaspoon all of castor essential oil, almond essential oil as well as coconut essential oil as well as therapeutic massage your face correctly within clockwise as well as anti-clockwise round actions. After that drop the hand towel within warm water, wash this, as well as maintain this more than your face for a while. Continue doing this action with regard to a number of occasions until hair offers soaked up just about all the advantages of essential oil.

4. Consuming lots of drinking water is actually mandatory.

5. Heavy locks fitness remedy can also be required for hair regrowth. At least one time inside a 7 days, you are able to utilize a combination of 1 egg cell, 1 tablespoon associated with almond essential oil, two teaspoons associated with lime scale liquid, and something teaspoon associated with glycerin, or even sweetie. Utilize this particular blend for your locks as well as therapeutic massage nicely. Put on the bath limit as well as enjoy a few gentle actions for just one hr, until the actual blend is actually soaked up because of your locks. After that clean away hair having a moderate natural hair shampoo.

Attempt each one of these hair regrowth treatments as well as include which additional girl for your crowning beauty.

Postpartum Alopecia — Hair thinning Following Being pregnant

Postpartum alopecia may be the situation that triggers brand new moms in order to endure a few hair thinning following the shipping of the kid. It’s brought on by decreased amounts of estrogen in your body.

Throughout being pregnant, estrogen amounts are in their own greatest, resulting in elevated hair regrowth. Following being pregnant, estrogen amounts decrease, which in turn causes a rise within the man hormone androgenic hormone or testosterone, leading to hair thinning. Androgenic hormone or testosterone is actually manufactured in the actual man testes, as well as within lower quantities through the woman ovaries.

Normally, the human being might get rid of close to 50-100 fur every single day. Postpartum aopecia may usually maximum close to 4 several weeks following giving birth as well as inside a year locks may have already been renewed to it’s regular amounts.

From any kind of time, approximately 90 % of the locks is within a rise stage. All of those other locks is actually sleeping and can after that fallout at the conclusion of the stage. Whenever you get rid of your own old fur, brand new locks develops as well as consider their own location. It’s following this sleeping stage which hair thinning happens.

Whenever your hormone amounts tend to be raised, hair regrowth is actually over typical as well as can lead to much less losing. When the shipping offers happened, all of the locks that could ordinarily have already been get rid of may often fallout all at once. The end result would have been a locks which seems slimmer compared to prior to.

This really is very regular as well as may not end up being prevented. You are able to concentrate on causeing this to be postpartum alopecia seem much less apparent. Putting on hair smaller for instance can provide the actual false impression of the larger locks.

Acquiring the actual locks while asleep, like a free ponytail, may slow up the occurrence associated with rubbing that triggers hair thinning.

Silk cushions tend to be ideal for restricting postpartum hair thinning, as well as from additional occasions too for instance. The reason being from the decrease in rubbing how the silk cushion provides. Like a issue associated with truth, it’s this particular rubbing that will trigger your child to get rid of locks because they stroke their own mind whilst laying within the place to sleep.

Locks might be lacking in the back again of the kid’s mind that is regular and you will be the short-term scenario.

Additional reasons for hair thinning can sometimes include:

Preventing contraception tablets, miscarriage or even stillbirth, abortion, along with a hormonal discrepancy.

All the over connect with fluctuation within estrogen amounts, that is the same like a hormone discrepancy. Keep in mind, elevated estrogen indicates hair regrowth, whilst the reduction in this particular hormone can lead to hair thinning.


— Consume a healthy diet plan associated with clean vegetables and fruit

— Stay away from locks items which have severe chemical substance elements.

— Prevent putting on hair in a design which draws firmly at the brow.

— Make use of organic locks shampoos as well as conditioners which nurture as well as rejuvenate hair.

There isn’t a lot that you can do to prevent postpartum alopecia through happening. You skill is actually do something to reduce the most obvious look of the situation in addition to dealing with hair along with pain to make sure very little drops away as you possibly can.

Is a Hair Transplant Truly the Right Option for You?

Hair transplantation has fast become one of the most effective ways to restore your hair, however, the procedure still has its limitations and isn’t ideal for every patient.

So, is a hair transplant the best option for you based on the hair loss issue that you’re currently experiencing?

Deciding if a hair transplant is right for you

Before you decide to go ahead with a hair transplant, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you have realistic expectations?

Even though you may physically be the ideal candidate for a hair transplant, you need to be mentally prepared too. If your surgeon sees that you don’t have realistic expectations about the procedure, he may not consider you an ideal candidate. Take the time to truly understand what the surgery entails before you go ahead so that you can set realistic expectations.

Do you have donor hair?

How much donor hair you have and the condition that it’s in will play a role in whether you’re the right candidate for a hair transplant.

While thinning hair and baldness generally only affects the front and top parts of the scalp, the process that leads to baldness can end up affecting your donor hair too. Men who have unpatterned alopecia will also potentially have an unhealthy donor supply. Your hair transplant specialist will be able to analyse your donor hair during your consultation.

To find out whether you have enough quality donor hair for a transplant, visit

Are you after instant results?

Even though instant results would be ideal, this is not a possibility with hair transplantation.

There are temporary solutions available to those experiencing hair loss but the results won’t last very long.

In most cases, you will only really start seeing the results of your hair transplant procedure 4 – 8 months after your surgery. Some patients need to wait up to a year to see the final outcome so patience is key if you’re considering a hair transplant.

Do you have the funds for a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a delicate procedure and one that requires a very specific set of skills and extensive experience, which is why it’s more costly than most other solutions on the market.

If you’re serious about restoring your hair, it’s important to be ready with enough funds to cover your surgery.

If a surgeon is offering you a hair transplant at a price that seems too good to be true, it’s best to continue your search. By choosing a hair transplant surgeon based on price alone, you open yourself up to the risk of bad results and complications.

Start your hair transplant journey by asking yourself whether you can afford the services of a reputable surgeon before you start booking consultations. If not, it’s best to plan ahead so that you can have the procedure done right the first time around.

When it comes to hair transplants, you really do get what you pay for.