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Thinking of Getting Silicone Breast Implants in LA

Have you ever seen those celebrities running around with large breasts? Chances are they got themselves some silicone breast implants in LA. Los Angeles in California is a mecca for plastic surgery. Several women every year go there to get their breasts redone. Now that the trans community is becoming more vocal, them along with men also get chest implants.

What Breast Augmentation with Silicone Breast Implants Look Like

So you are interested in getting your breasts augmented with silicone breast implants. We get it, you want to have fuller, larger breasts and you know that there are some excellent surgeons in Los Angeles. Indeed, one of the best Los Angeles plastic surgeons we know is Dr. Taneja from My Look in Pasadena. He is actually one of the few Board Certified plastic surgeons that specializes in this. Breast augmentation with silicone breast implants require before and after care. Let me explain.

What to Expect During Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

The breast augmentation surgery procedure involves placing the implants behind your breast tissue or under the chest muscle. Implants that have silicone in them are pre-filled and sealed and simply placed in you according to what your Dr. feels will work best. Before this surgery takes place you will of course be put under to be completely pain free. If your doctor opts for local anesthesia you will be conscious but will receive medication to number your breast area. Your Board Certified surgeon will make the best recommendation for you based on your needs.

Types of Breast Implant Insertions

There are many possible ways to insert the breast implants, and these include:

-An incision on the underside of your breast in your natural fold. Here the surgeon will place the implant through this opening. If you scar easy, this may not be the right option for you.

-An incision can be made in your armpit and the surgeon will perform the surgery using an endoscope. An endoscope is a tool with a camera and surgical instrument at the end of it. This allows for no visible scar in the breast area.

-An incision is made along the areola of your breast and the implant is inserted through the opening. You may have issues breast feeding with this method and loss of sensation around the nipple as well.

-A saline implant can be placed through a cut near the belly button and pushed up in place then filled.

After the breast augmentation, the implant lies either behind the glandular tissue in breast

Be Sure to Talk to Your Surgeon About Silicone Implant Risks

Be sure to discuss the risks of having silicone implants with your surgeon. Silicone is not something the body can absorb, so if it leaks, you will need to go see your doctor. Also to make sure it hasn’t ruptured, you would have to have frequent check ups and mammograms. Get all the details and complete information from your doctor and his nurse before and after you have any surgery.

What to Expect After Surgery

After surgery you will for sure experience swelling and some pain. This is totally normal. You will be on pain meds and you will have some bruising as well. Scars may disappear over time but not fade completely, unless you use special creams. While you are healing, your doctor may ask you to wear a compression bandage for extra protection as well as a sports bra so your breast implants can stay in their proper position. You will definitely not be able to lift heavy things or do any exercise for a certain time. Be sure to follow your doctors orders, for faster recovery time.

Best Aesthetic Surgeon in Auckland

The Benefits Of Breast Reduction

Contrary to popular belief, having large breasts isn’t always a good thing. A lot of women actually suffer from a slew of physical issues brought about by excessively large and heavy breasts such as back pain, skeletal deformities, nerve damage, rashes, and skin irritation. More often than not, these women also have to deal with psychological discomforts and body image issues.

The good news?

There’s a safe, fast, and cost-effective way to remedy this, and that is through breast reduction Auckland surgery.

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammaplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess tissue, skin, and fat from the breasts.

This procedure can either be medical or cosmetic in nature. It can be performed to improve the appearance, firmness, and form of the breasts, or it could be done to fix health issues like back discomfort, fatigue, and nerve pain.

Whatever the reason is, qualified individuals who have undergone breast reduction surgery and have reported improved quality of life. To find out if you’re a good candidate for breast reduction surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mackenzie today.

For now, here are a few ways on how breast reduction surgery can improve your health, body image, and lifestyle.

What Are The Benefits Of Breast Reduction Surgery?

No More Pain Or Discomfort

Pain and discomfort are two of the most common reasons why individuals choose to undergo breast reduction surgery. Unbeknownst to many, large and heavy breasts can actually strain one’s back, shoulder, and neck muscles. This can lead to soreness and fatigue.

Large breasts also cause one’s spine to bend forward, causing bad posture and in extreme cases, breathing problems and skeletal deformities, especially to people who have small frames.

Skin irritation, rashes, and chafing under and around the breasts is also common due to restrictive brassieres and clothing. Too-large breasts can even compress nerves and cause numbness and tingling in the arms and hands.

One can eliminate all of these issues through breast reduction surgery. Without the excessive weight on their chest, patients can now stand up straighter, avoid chafing, and get rid of nerve compressions. Their muscles no longer have to strain and they can now live relatively pain-free.

Live A More Active Lifestyle

Exercise is great for everyone, but this can actually be an issue to people with large breasts. Many report that their breasts can “get in the way” when doing even simple activities like jogging, going up a flight of stairs, yoga, and cycling. Sports bras that provide adequate support are also hard to come by, and when they do, they’re usually expensive.

Others report feeling uncomfortable going to the gym because their breasts attract a lot of unwanted attention.

With breast reduction surgery, one can finally live an active lifestyle and even pursue activities like sports, dancing, and even triathlons. A reduced breast size helps improve one’s mobility and range of motion as well.

Boost Your Confidence

Individuals with large chests usually shy away from button-downs and tops with low necklines, but with breast reduction, they can finally wear the clothes they like without feeling uncomfortable. Breast reduction surgery also helps with sagging, so there’s no need to search high and low for that one expensive (yet super unattractive) bra that could fit your size.

Breast reduction helps improve one’s appearance and self-perception, boosting confidence and bringing a new spring in their step.

Say Hello To A Better, More Confident You

Dr Mackenzie has years of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Schedule an appointment today and begin the journey to a healthier, more confident you.


How hair Removal Laser Surgery works

Most modern people use laser surgery to get rid of hair on their bodies. Laser surgery works by zapping the hair follicles so that there is no hair growing again. This method of hair removal takes a short time to get rid of unwanted hairs and the procedure is also less painful. Most commonly, the results from laser surgery procedure are always permanent.

Since the invention of laser surgery, a lot of advancements have been made. New and advanced techniques have also been developed with the improvement in technology. In addition, the costs involved in getting the laser surgery procedure have also depreciated massively over time.  เลเซอร์กำจัดขน should be done by a professional to avoid injuries.

Once the laser beams are shot at your hair follicles, a lot of energy from the beam is absorbed by the hair follicles and then released in form of heat which destroys the hair follicles in the process. This damage to the hair follicles is usually permanent.

The dermatologist is always careful enough not to tamper with any tissue that surrounds the hair follicle since that be really injurious. Your hair follicles have organic molecules known as chromospheres which give the hair its color. Hair follicles are able to absorb the light from the laser beam because all colored things absorb light.

Your dermatologist will use a device held by the hand to focus the beams directly onto the hair follicles. There hairs that will require multiple shots of laser beams so that they can get destroyed. The destruction of hair follicles is only carried out on those follicles that are in their cycle of growth.

It is important to note that those hairs that have already grown cannot be easily destroyed by laser beams, on the first time. You’ll have to see a dermatologist for more than two times so that they are destroyed fully.

A Guide for Abdominoplasty Cost in Asia

After you successfully following the diet and exercise program to lose the fats around your belly, there is another problem you need to solve. It’s the excess skin. Usually, it happens because of aging. Your skin has lost its elasticity. So, to go back to what it was, it will be difficult. This problem has one solution, the Abdominoplasty surgery.

When you want to take this surgery, of course, you need to know the abdominoplasty cost. That way, you can plan it beforehand, so it won’t give you finance problem. Moreover, the cost will also be affected by the location of the clinic. You can even use this chance to have a vacation if you plan to have surgery in the other country. For example, you can choose Asia as your destination.

The Abdominoplasty Cost in Asia

There are several countries in Asia that have good clinic/hospital for tummy tuck surgery. Plus, those countries also have many beautiful places you can visit. Here are the prices for the treatment at those places.

–        Thailand – this country is famous for their plastic surgery service. And, the result is really great. And, for the tummy tuck surgery, the price starts from $2351 – $3585.

–        India – this is maybe the most popular destination for having tummy tuck surgery. The prices for the tummy tuck surgery start at $992.

–        Indonesia – you can get the abdominoplasty start from $2283. The bonus is there are many beautiful places you can visit here.

–        Malaysia – one of the top destinations in Southeast Asia. Here, you can get the abdominoplasty start from $1432.

–        South Korea – it is well-known as one of the best destination for plastic surgery. The price for abdominoplasty surgery and other surgery related to the abdominal area is starting from $4000. It’s a little bit expensive than other countries in Asia. However, the quality of their service is very satisfying.

Things You Should Remember

The cost of tummy tuck surgery that we explained above is the general price you can get in each country. However, there is a different price for each hospital, clinic, or doctor that you use. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is researching the place for having surgery.

Most of the hospitals and clinic in those countries don’t provide clear information about their price. You won’t be able to find how much you need to pay on the internet. However, you can request for the price quote to get more detail information about their service and price. Moreover, you also can negotiate by using this method. So, you can get a better price for your abdominoplasty.

You also need to discuss with the doctor to know what kind of surgery for your belly. Basically, you need to decide whether you will take the partial or full tummy tuck surgery. It will give you a different price for each type of surgery. From that information, you can do tummy tuck price comparison or just go to to get a detailed comparison. Then, you can get the best price for your tummy tuck surgery need.

Foot and Ankle Surgery in Vista CA


If there’s an underappreciated part of our body, it would be the foot. While our foot has a very important role in our mobility and our daily activities, we rarely give it proper attention. Many of us wear high heels or uncomfortable footwear to look nice while actually it is hurting our body structure.

There are various conditions related to the foot and ankle that can be really disturbing, causing pain, and preventing us from experiencing our fullest lives. Those conditions can be minor like a sprained ankle, foot wounds, ingrown toenails or serious conditions like arthritis, fracture, flatfoot, and others.

Medical professionals who help treating conditions in the lower extremities are known as podiatrists or also commonly known as foot doctors. Podiatrists are trained in all health aspects of the lower extremities and also trained in surgical procedures. If you are looking for Vista CA Podiatrist, we are highly recommended Dr. Berthelsen, a board certified podiatrist, at the Foundation Foot & Ankle clinic.

While most of foot and ankle conditions and disorders can be treated non surgically, there are certain conditions that require surgical treatment. When you feel chronic pain every time you walk or you suffer from severe injuries, you may need surgery to fix the problem. Conditions such as ankle arthroscopy, hammertoe and other serious conditions causing limited movement due to severe pain may require surgery.

Surgery is usually the last option and only recommended when the other treatment options won’t be able to deliver optimum results. The podiatrist will examine and review your conditions before giving advice on whether you’ll need surgical treatment or not.

When surgery is advised, it is very common to feel nervous. Surgery is always an invasive procedure and it will take a long recovery time, not to mention possible risks and side effects. But, that said, foot and ankle surgery can give huge benefits including:

  • Reducing or even stop the pain in the foot and ankle area
  • Correction of deformity in the foot and ankle area
  • Improving gait stability
  • Improving movement

More importantly, you will have freedom of movement without suffering pain. You can do various activities including sports, dance, hiking and other things you love. Moreover, advanced surgical procedures and technology combined with the skill and experience of the podiatrist can minimize the risks.

Don’t hesitate to come to the Foundation Foot & Ankle clinic to consult with Dr. Berthelsen. This clinic has advanced equipment ensuring you can be diagnosed precisely. It also has team of highly trained medical professionals to deliver the best course of treatment. When it comes to foot and ankle surgery, you’re in good hands at Foundation Foot & Ankle.