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Best Aesthetic Surgeon in Auckland

Getting a plastic surgery procedure is a very big decision. There are so many things to consider from dealing with the stereotypes to preparing a quite big budget to cover the medical expense. It would take a long time and so many considerations before you decide to get the plastic surgery your need. For that, it is very important that the procedure will deliver the best result as you always expected.

While there’s still bad stereotype to people who had plastic surgery, actually it becomes more and more common to find people who had plastic surgery and they are proud with their new look. Aesthetic surgery procedure is about improving your physical look allowing you to change certain part(s) of body that you don’t like or make you less confidence. Every body deserves to feel pretty and confidence with their physical appearance. When you think aesthetic plastic surgery is what you need, don’t hesitate to get what you want.

You know very well that the result from the aesthetic surgery will bring huge impact to your life. Of course, you want everything to be perfect. Plastic surgery procedure is very personal and that’s the reason you need a plastic surgeon you will feel fully comfortable and trust to work with. Planning about getting plastic surgery Auckland, there are great plastic surgery centers in this city including some of the tops in the country. However, allow us to recommended one of the best plastic surgeons who will give not only top-notch medical expertise but also with personal touch; Dr. Katarina Mackenzie. She is one of the very few female plastic surgeons in New Zealand and as a woman, she knows very well what the meaning of physical looks and confidence for fellow women.

Dr. Mackenzie is an accredited and board certified plastic surgeon with specialty in reconstructive surgery of face, breast, and hand. She is highly trained as plastic surgeon including awarded fellowships at several tops plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery centers in UK as well as advanced trainings in Canada and European countries. Dr. Mackenzie has a huge passion in art and her artistry makes her excel in aesthetic surgery procedures.

Aesthetic surgery procedures offered at her private practice are including face, neck, brow lifts, body contouring, liposuction, abdominoplasty, and breast aesthetic procedures. Her expertise is supported with trained surgical and post surgery care staffs as well as advanced medical equipment and technology. All are dedicated to make sure the patients will get nothing but the best quality of care.

Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Mackenzie private practice and schedule a consult with her. You can trust her with your issues related to face and body appearance and what kind of goal to achieve from the surgery. She will give full examination and give his expert medical advice for the best possible procedures suitable with your condition and goal as well as giving you comprehensive information about the procedure including possible risks and side effects. It is guaranteed you will be really confident to trust her and her expertise for your surgery.

How hair Removal Laser Surgery works

Most modern people use laser surgery to get rid of hair on their bodies. Laser surgery works by zapping the hair follicles so that there is no hair growing again. This method of hair removal takes a short time to get rid of unwanted hairs and the procedure is also less painful. Most commonly, the results from laser surgery procedure are always permanent.

Since the invention of laser surgery, a lot of advancements have been made. New and advanced techniques have also been developed with the improvement in technology. In addition, the costs involved in getting the laser surgery procedure have also depreciated massively over time.  เลเซอร์กำจัดขน should be done by a professional to avoid injuries.

Once the laser beams are shot at your hair follicles, a lot of energy from the beam is absorbed by the hair follicles and then released in form of heat which destroys the hair follicles in the process. This damage to the hair follicles is usually permanent.

The dermatologist is always careful enough not to tamper with any tissue that surrounds the hair follicle since that be really injurious. Your hair follicles have organic molecules known as chromospheres which give the hair its color. Hair follicles are able to absorb the light from the laser beam because all colored things absorb light.

Your dermatologist will use a device held by the hand to focus the beams directly onto the hair follicles. There hairs that will require multiple shots of laser beams so that they can get destroyed. The destruction of hair follicles is only carried out on those follicles that are in their cycle of growth.

It is important to note that those hairs that have already grown cannot be easily destroyed by laser beams, on the first time. You’ll have to see a dermatologist for more than two times so that they are destroyed fully.

A Guide for Abdominoplasty Cost in Asia

After you successfully following the diet and exercise program to lose the fats around your belly, there is another problem you need to solve. It’s the excess skin. Usually, it happens because of aging. Your skin has lost its elasticity. So, to go back to what it was, it will be difficult. This problem has one solution, the Abdominoplasty surgery.

When you want to take this surgery, of course, you need to know the abdominoplasty cost. That way, you can plan it beforehand, so it won’t give you finance problem. Moreover, the cost will also be affected by the location of the clinic. You can even use this chance to have a vacation if you plan to have surgery in the other country. For example, you can choose Asia as your destination.

The Abdominoplasty Cost in Asia

There are several countries in Asia that have good clinic/hospital for tummy tuck surgery. Plus, those countries also have many beautiful places you can visit. Here are the prices for the treatment at those places.

–        Thailand – this country is famous for their plastic surgery service. And, the result is really great. And, for the tummy tuck surgery, the price starts from $2351 – $3585.

–        India – this is maybe the most popular destination for having tummy tuck surgery. The prices for the tummy tuck surgery start at $992.

–        Indonesia – you can get the abdominoplasty start from $2283. The bonus is there are many beautiful places you can visit here.

–        Malaysia – one of the top destinations in Southeast Asia. Here, you can get the abdominoplasty start from $1432.

–        South Korea – it is well-known as one of the best destination for plastic surgery. The price for abdominoplasty surgery and other surgery related to the abdominal area is starting from $4000. It’s a little bit expensive than other countries in Asia. However, the quality of their service is very satisfying.

Things You Should Remember

The cost of tummy tuck surgery that we explained above is the general price you can get in each country. However, there is a different price for each hospital, clinic, or doctor that you use. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is researching the place for having surgery.

Most of the hospitals and clinic in those countries don’t provide clear information about their price. You won’t be able to find how much you need to pay on the internet. However, you can request for the price quote to get more detail information about their service and price. Moreover, you also can negotiate by using this method. So, you can get a better price for your abdominoplasty.

You also need to discuss with the doctor to know what kind of surgery for your belly. Basically, you need to decide whether you will take the partial or full tummy tuck surgery. It will give you a different price for each type of surgery. From that information, you can do tummy tuck price comparison or just go to to get a detailed comparison. Then, you can get the best price for your tummy tuck surgery need.

Foot and Ankle Surgery in Vista CA


If there’s an underappreciated part of our body, it would be the foot. While our foot has a very important role in our mobility and our daily activities, we rarely give it proper attention. Many of us wear high heels or uncomfortable footwear to look nice while actually it is hurting our body structure.

There are various conditions related to the foot and ankle that can be really disturbing, causing pain, and preventing us from experiencing our fullest lives. Those conditions can be minor like a sprained ankle, foot wounds, ingrown toenails or serious conditions like arthritis, fracture, flatfoot, and others.

Medical professionals who help treating conditions in the lower extremities are known as podiatrists or also commonly known as foot doctors. Podiatrists are trained in all health aspects of the lower extremities and also trained in surgical procedures. If you are looking for Vista CA Podiatrist, we are highly recommended Dr. Berthelsen, a board certified podiatrist, at the Foundation Foot & Ankle clinic.

While most of foot and ankle conditions and disorders can be treated non surgically, there are certain conditions that require surgical treatment. When you feel chronic pain every time you walk or you suffer from severe injuries, you may need surgery to fix the problem. Conditions such as ankle arthroscopy, hammertoe and other serious conditions causing limited movement due to severe pain may require surgery.

Surgery is usually the last option and only recommended when the other treatment options won’t be able to deliver optimum results. The podiatrist will examine and review your conditions before giving advice on whether you’ll need surgical treatment or not.

When surgery is advised, it is very common to feel nervous. Surgery is always an invasive procedure and it will take a long recovery time, not to mention possible risks and side effects. But, that said, foot and ankle surgery can give huge benefits including:

  • Reducing or even stop the pain in the foot and ankle area
  • Correction of deformity in the foot and ankle area
  • Improving gait stability
  • Improving movement

More importantly, you will have freedom of movement without suffering pain. You can do various activities including sports, dance, hiking and other things you love. Moreover, advanced surgical procedures and technology combined with the skill and experience of the podiatrist can minimize the risks.

Don’t hesitate to come to the Foundation Foot & Ankle clinic to consult with Dr. Berthelsen. This clinic has advanced equipment ensuring you can be diagnosed precisely. It also has team of highly trained medical professionals to deliver the best course of treatment. When it comes to foot and ankle surgery, you’re in good hands at Foundation Foot & Ankle.

When Should I Consider a Lower Body Lift?

Sagging skin is par for the course when we age or lose a significant amount of weight. A lower body lift is designed to tighten and sculpt the lower half of the body, including areas such as the buttocks, thighs, hips and abdomen.

Any loose skin that doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing or is restricting your mobility will be removed. Thousands of people undergo lower body lift surgery every year, with the procedure having quite a high satisfaction rate.

The Best Time to Consider a Lower Body Lift

There are four main reasons why someone should consider a lower body lift:

  1. They’ve lost a significant amount of weight due to dieting or surgery
  2. Overhanging skin is restricting their mobility and causing chafing and rashes
  3. The layers of fat below the skin of the lower half of their body are relatively thin
  4. The sagging skin of their lower body is aesthetically displeasing

Lower Body Lift Pros and Cons


– Your body will be sculpted so that you can see and enjoy the results of your weight loss

– Stop painful chafing and the development of rashes and infections from occurring

– Boost your self-esteem


– Patients will need to spend a few days in hospital after their surgery

– The recovery period for this procedure is lengthy and demanding

– Scarring is very likely

You can find out more about what to expect from this procedure by visiting

A Look at a Lower Body Lift Procedure

During a lower body lift, the waist, buttocks, abdomen and thighs can all be treated.

Where a tummy tuck incision would only be present on the front of the body, a lower body lift incision extends around the entire lower torso, which allows your surgeon to target all of these areas at once.

The length of your incisions will depend on the amount of skin that needs to be removed but your surgeon will discuss your incision preferences with you before your procedure.

While every surgeon has their own preferences for performing this procedure, here is a basic idea of what happens during a lower body lift:

– An incision will be made around your torso, which will be used to remove excess skin and fat and tighten the tissues around the sides of your body

– Your thighs and buttocks will then be treated and any remaining skin will be tightened in these areas too

– Once your back and sides have been treated, your surgeon will move to the front of your torso. At this stage, you can either combine a lift with a tummy tuck or an inner thigh lift

Once your surgeon is satisfied with the results, drains will be placed under the skin and your incisions will be closed in layers. The drains will prevent any stretching and swelling. Surgeons tend to use deep support sutures for this procedure to help your new contours to form. Skin adhesives or tape can also be used to close the incisions.