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The Importance of Folate in Female and Male Fertility

Folate plays a role in a number of different processes and functions in the human body. Without this particular vitamin, you may face a wide range of health conditions. Unfortunately, even if you take supplements or eat a diet rich in folate, you can still suffer from folate deficiency symptoms due to a gene mutation. Some of the issues that come from a folate deficiency affect the reproductive systems in both men and women. Let’s take a look at the role folate plays in male and female fertility.

Male Fertility

In men, folate plays a role in DNA synthesis and in cell division, two things that are necessary to create sperm. It takes around 60 days for the body to make new sperm, but if there’s not enough folate available, it’s likely that the number of healthy sperm will be lower than normal. This leads to low sperm count, which makes it more difficult for pregnancy to occur.

Studies have looked at the connection between folate supplements and sperm count. Unfortunately, while there may be a connection between the two, studies have not been conclusive. In fact, one study saw that men with average and below average sperm counts both showed an increase after taking folate and zinc supplements. Even in studies that determined that a folate deficiency was not the cause of participants’ lower sperm count, folate supplements did lead to improvements.

Female Fertility

Folate deficiency symptoms in pregnant women are well-known and quickly corrected, but many women do not realize that a folate deficiency may be preventing them from getting pregnant in the first place. Research has shown that there is strong evidence linking ovulation with folate. Women who took a folic acid supplement showed improved ovulation cycles.

Once pregnant, studies also noted that those taking supplements had higher quality eggs and that the eggs had a better maturation and implantation. The placenta also had fewer developmental issues. Finally, folate also supports the production of progesterone, the sex hormone necessary for pregnancy.

One of the major concerns doctors have is that few women actually get enough folate in their diet. This makes it more difficult to get pregnant and can lead to a number of issues once they are pregnant. Because of this, women may want to take folic acid supplements during their childbearing years in case they become pregnant. Doctors recommend taking 400 mg at minimum and increasing it to 600 mg when pregnant.

If you and your partner have had difficulties in conceiving, the issue may have to do with your folate levels. Talk to your doctor about testing your folate to determine if one or both of you should take a supplement. It could be the key factor in getting pregnant.


Can the O Shot Be Used to Treat Incontinence?

Once the urinary sphincter grows weak, incontinence can occur. Unexpected urinary leaks are a problem that affects thousands of people of different ages and even though it is more common amongst the elderly, it can also affect women who have been through menopause or pregnancy.

A study by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists showed that 25 percent of premenopausal female, 50 percent of middle-aged female or postmenopausal women, and 75 percent of elderly women have incontinence.

This sometimes debilitating issue can be embarrassing and incredibly difficult to live with but there are ways that you can still live a full life.

What is the O Shot?

A new treatment called the O Shot has become increasingly popular in recent years and is said to be a potential solution for incontinence.

This injection is made up of platelet-rich plasma that is extracted from the patient’s blood. To administer the O Shot, your doctor will withdraw a vile of your blood and place it in a centrifuge. This piece of equipment will separate the blood cells from the plasma.

This plasma is so beneficial because it is rich in growth factors that encourage the production of elastin, collagen and nerves. Since this plasma helps regenerate tissue, it is also said to be capable of treating stress incontinence.

Once the plasma is ready, your doctor from Academy Laser Clinic in Sydney will apply a topical numbing cream and inject the plasma into the vaginal wall. Results won’t be immediate though and patients may need to wait several weeks before they’ll notice any difference.

Does it really work?

O Shot founder, Dr Charles Runels, has found that 65% of patients experienced results 3 months after the injection. If no results are experienced, a second shot may be required. Dr Runels’ research showed that the success rate of the procedure increased to 85% after the second shot.

Even though this treatment has shown some results, there still isn’t enough research to prove that it will help with incontinence. Many professionals are also stating that so many women are desperate to be rid of this embarrassing issue that the placebo effect may occur, so this is something to be aware of.

The O Shot was originally designed to help women improve natural lubrication, sensitivity and arousal. For this purpose, it is highly effective.

Patients who have received the O Shot have reported experiencing greater arousal through clitoral stimulation, stronger orgasms that occur more frequently, an increased sex drive, less pain during intercourse and firmer and smoother vulva skin.

Managing incontinence

Strengthening the pelvic muscle is one of the best ways to prevent and manage incontinence, which is why doctors recommend doing pelvic muscle exercises on a regular basis. Incontinence underwear can also be used for extra protection, particularly overnight.

In more severe cases, surgery, medication and behaviour therapy can be used to alleviate incontinence.


Stretch Marks Compact Guide: Get To Know Everything About Stretch Marks!

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Do you struggle so badly with stretch marks? Do you feel a little uneasy looking at them or showing your body with them in front of people? Would like tà know where those come from? Or better yet how to treat them?


Those are a bunch of questions I am sure a person with battling with stretch marks always have in mind.

If that’s the case for you, congratulations. You have just hit the number on pace to get all you need to know about stretch marks in a matter of a few minutes.

Here is the deal,

I am not going to put you through a bunch of medical stuff and advice that just sucks! No! I will outline for you exactly the same steps, tips and tricks that I personally used to get mine to vanish.

And something else,

Before diving deep into all there is about stretch marks, I would like to make things a little easier for you. Here is a navigational menu that will make it way easier for you to get every part of the article with a single click. Have a look at it and see you afterward:


So What Are Stretch Marks To Begin With?

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Stretch marks are thin red and sometimes purple marks. They are known in among doctors as striae. Stretch marks occur when your skin gets stretched out. They can occur throughout the body.

Generally though, they occur around the tummy, thighs, breasts, as well as shoulders.

But What Causes Those Stretch Marks?

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There are a number of causes behind stretch marks.

Here is a list of them:


Stretch marks can occur as a direct result of the change on the body, during puberty.

Instant Change In Body Weight:

Next to puberty, the second thing that cause the skin to stretch is abrupt weight gain. When you keep losing weight and getting back, your skin has to stretch. As a result, you develop stretch marks.


This one is obvious. And it has to do with body weight again.


Stretch marks as ma other condition have to do with genetics. If you have a family history of stretch marks, chances are that you have developed it because of that.

Certain Other Health Conditions:

Syndromes like Marfan syndrome or Cushing’s syndrome can get your skin to stretch.

Is There A Way To Treat Them?

A lot of stretch marks generally fade away after a period of time. There are treatments that can help you in treating stretch marks.


That’s a cosmetic make up, you can apply to your stretched skin. You can get from any pharmacy, as it is just an over the counter medicine. Opt for the waterproof one! You can apply once and it lasts sometimes up to three days.

Laser Therapy:

This one cannot help you fully remove them, but it is so useful to make your stretch marks fade away. Going through this therapy, your stretch marks will be less noticeable.

Use Lotions, Creams And Gels:

There are claims that those can rid your skin of of those stretch marks. But haven’t seen much results with them. What I noticed is they can be used as a way to protect your skin from stretching. They also work as moisturisers.

There is a cosmetic surgeries to completely remove stretch marks but don’t recommend them. They are very expensive and you never know their side effects.


Do you have other health conditions that you are not comfortable talking about them with your doctor or relatives? Check out our guides to most uncomfortable health conditions.


There you have it my friends. That was my take on stretch marks, based on my personal experience. I hope that I conveyed all you need to know about stretch marks. Try them out and you will be surprised about their effectiveness.

Now, I would like to ask you for a favour. Would kindly tell us in the comment below how you personally deal with stretch marks? Cheers!

5 Reasons for Candida Bacterial infections Within Women That Ladies Have to Realize

Tinea Faciel On WomanIf you’re asking yourself exactly what what causes candida bacterial infections within women tend to be, then you definitely came towards the correct location.

In the following paragraphs you’ll discover 5 factors ladies end up struggling with Yeast difficulties. Once you have browse the entire post you’ll have a far better knowledge of, not just exactly what could cause the problem, but additionally associated with how you can possibly remedy this.

5 reasons for candida bacterial infections within women:

1. Dental Contraception’s

Regrettably dental contraceptives really are a common cause that lots of ladies have Yeast difficulties. The reason being whenever you consider such contraceptives they are able to alter your own hormone amounts as well as at these times you are able to unintentionally end up being making a breeding ground within you exactly where candida may prosper.

two. Defense mechanisms Difficulties

For those who have any type of defense mechanisms insufficiency or even should you have an issue which weakens your own defense mechanisms then you definitely tend to be more prefer to obtain contamination. 2 types of problems that may result in a deterioration of the defense mechanisms consist of tend to be HIV as well as lupus. Nevertheless, if you’re below lots of tension, this could additionally trigger your own defense mechanisms to become destabilized.

3. Diet plan

Consuming the incorrect diet plan is among the primary reasons for Yeast bacterial infections within women as well as guys. The actual types of meals you want in order to reduce tend to be meals which are full of sugars and/or carbs. The actual poor information is actually these are most likely a number of your own favorite meals or even goodies. After all meals such as cakes, pastries along with other kinds of treats or even sweet goodies.

four. Medicine:

Antibiotics tend to be probably the most broadly discussed explanations why individuals wind up getting candida albicans difficulties. What goes on is actually how the antibiotics attempt to assault the actual germs which are leading to a specific issue within your body, however although it will which, additionally, it may eliminate a few of the great germs within your body too. This particular after that indicates that you’re remaining open up with regard to candida along with other episodes in your program.

5. Your own Clothing

Many times your self struggling with candida difficulties should you put on clothing which are really restricted or even should you put on moist clothing. You need to be particularly cautious should you frolic in the water and also you and also have the moist bathing suit upon for a long time of your time.

How you can Remedy Candida Bacterial infections

There are lots of techniques you can use in order to remedy your own bacterial infections. Many people make use of over-the-counter remedies for example Monistat or even Gynezol. Nevertheless, for those who have the persistent or even continual an infection you will require to pay attention to techniques which cope with the issue in the within away. You need to begin by taking a look at your diet plan very first and when modifications to that particular do not function after that begin looking in the relaxation of the way of life too.

Alright, therefore right now you realize a bit more regarding what causes candida bacterial infections within women now you can focus on eliminating the issue permanently.

four Methods to Improve Your time Amounts

four Methods to Improve Your time AmountsMaybe you have experienced that the ‘To-Do’ checklist is continually developing rather than continuously diminishing — the same as your own waist? You retain performing stuff that you believe you have to have completed, however in some way you’ve still got much more to complete. The idea of performing simply leaves both of you psychologically as well as actually exhausted — trying to find power SOMEPLACE.

To begin with — you aren’t on it’s own. Nearly all women tend to be continuously on the go and therefore are sometimes performing 5 points at the same time. Locating the power to get this done managing behave can often be the important thing for you to get points carried out as well as sensation prosperous.

There are several times as it pertains simple as well as normally — whilst you will find additional times when you’re simply perishing to have an power increase associated with some kind — therefore how can you be sure you do not accident and also you possess the power to maintain heading?

Very first, ensure that you tend to be psychologically ready for that good and the bad your day brings. Regrettably, all of us have no idea exactly what every day brings — a few times tend to be incredibly incredible, while some perhaps you have wanting period might proceed only a early little bit quicker to create this via. Becoming psychologically ready for that rollercoaster from the day time is only going to assist you to cope with all of them much better — consequently assisting you remain on monitor for you to get just about all carried out that you’ll require.

Get going — Make certain regardless of what your day provides a person help to make time with regard to physical exercise — while you might not really feel as much as this. Keep in mind — a while is preferable to virtually no time — actually half an hour associated with physical exercise can help the body re-energize as well as assist you to prioritize as well as redouble about the globe close to a person. Providing you with the actual way of thinking as well as power to visit ahead along with all of those other day time.

Suppress Urges — Avoid sweet goodies despite the fact that the actual enticement as well as urges might be powerful. Involving within these types of fairly sweet goodies provides you with an excellent fast power increase — then an accident which will perhaps you have sensation even worse compared to prior to.

Consume Drinking water -Many occasions the energy tend to be zapped simply because we’re not properly hydrated. Getting the soda pop or even fresh fruit consume — whilst they might possess coffee may depart a person having a head ache later on. Be sure you tend to be consuming a minimum of 8 portions of drinking water each day — not just does it assist increase your time, drinking water can help you suppress your own urges as well as avoid individuals sweet goodies.

Grin — Regardless of exactly how exhausted you’re — look for a moment in order to temporarily stop — as well as grin. Going for a moment every day to understand the great that you experienced — can help you carry on. Do not have period — have a moment when you are generating inside your vehicle, or even strolling in one location to another — becoming thankful is actually the simplest way to maintain a person heading.

The next time you are feeling your time begin to deplete — be sure you attempt one of these simple fast ideas that will help you remain concentrated as well as shifting. I’m going to be back again a few weeks along with a number of my personal favorite dietary supplements to obtain with the 3 o’clock power blues, however for right now — consume a few drinking water as well as get a stroll!

I would like to understand — what now ? to maintain a person shifting whenever your power is actually reduced?