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Health Hero Dr. Partha Nandi’s 5 Pillars Of Health

Dr. Partha Nandi, world-famous gastroenterologist, healthy living expert, author, and host of the internationally syndicated television show, Ask Dr. Nandi has a mission to help real people with real health struggles live happier, healthier, longer, more vibrant lives. Central to this mission are Dr. Nandi’s 5-Pillars Of Health. For Dr. Nandi, these 5-pillars can provide anyone with the support and guidance they need to triumph over any range of health struggles from weight gain and depression to chronic pain, leaky gut, and thyroid conditions. Dr. Nandi’s 5-pillars are movement, tribe, purpose, nutrition, and mindfulness. Combined, they are capable of helping anyone achieve incredible health transformations in their own lives. Let’s go through Dr. Nandi’s 5-Pillars Of Health one by one.


Have you ever heard that you are what you eat? Maybe your 5-year old told you that? Well, at just half a decade old, that is one smart child you have! Because frankly, it’s true. Your body is literally composed of what you put into it. If you put natural, nutritionally dense food in your body, you are going to feel great. You will have more energy, feel more alert, and protect your body against sickness. Too often these days we settle for quick, unhealthy meals that are packed full of preservatives and other unnatural chemicals. For Dr. Nandi, nutrition is an essential pillar of health. He emphasizes eating natural, balanced food. It isn’t about avoiding fats or carbs, it’s about finding the right balance of macronutrients for your body and your lifestyle. Most important, Dr. Nandi emphasizes that eating right can be easy and delicious.


The health benefits of movement are extensive and profound. For Dr. Nandi, movement is about much more than just, “burning calories” although that is important! Movement can have positive effects on the mind as well as the body. Dr. Nandi teaches that opportunities for movement can be found in daily life. From making the bed, and walking the dog, to cooking dinner. While these activities are not what you consider exercise, they are activities that bring the mind and the body together in motion. Of course, exercise is also important too! Dr. Nandi includes yoga, weight training, and cardiovascular activities as essential elements of this pillar of health!


Dr. Nandi teaches that purpose should be an essential element in anyone’s life. Purpose gives you drive. A reason to get up in the morning. A reason to set goals. Your purpose can be anything. You can live your life to help others, you can dedicate your life to creating something, you can dedicate your life to creating a better world for your kids, you can even dedicate your life to seeing all the wonders of the world! Believe it or not, people who live life with a purpose are often some of the healthiest people out there. Maybe it is time for you to discover your purpose?!


Humans are naturally social creatures. We crave connection and support from others. There is a very good reason for this – throughout history, being part of a community, part of a tribe actually increased your odds of survival, dramatically! This is still true today. Scientific studies have supported this idea, showing that social connections help to keep us healthy mentally and physically. These days, a tribe is a group of people who share your values and interests, and who support you when you need it. If you are not already an active member of a tribe, now is the time to become one! The idea of going out to find a tribe can be an intimidating one, but you can do it! Take classes, be active, search through your work place, in volunteer organization, attended church or other places of worship. There are lots of opportunities out there for you.


Mindfulness is all about being present. Being in the moment. Living life with awareness thoughtfulness. It’s a powerful tool which can have a transformative effect on your life. There are many proven techniques for cultivating mindfulness, the most well-known of which his meditation. Most importantly, mindfulness is a powerful tool for combating stress, which is one of the most dangerous killers in our modern society. In fact, almost 70% of serious illnesses may be exacerbated or linked to stress! Studies have shown that meditation can help lower the level of cortisone in the body, which is the primary stress hormone. You can get started with just 5-10 minutes a day. That is all it takes!