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The Benefits of Weight Training for Soccer Players

For some time there has been a school of thought within soccer that weight training is bad for players. Working out in the gym and developing muscles was thought to have made players slow and rigid.

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What we do know now, with the advent of sports science, is that weight training is integral to producing quick, agile and skilful soccer players.

That’s not to say stars at clubs like Manchester United, Barcelona and AC Milan spend all day pumping iron. Gym work for professional soccer players is completely different to that of a professional bodybuilder.

Soccer players need to concentrate on muscles groups and exercises that will help them run faster, jump higher and improve their overall stamina. Here we will explore which areas of the body to target during your workout and what techniques to use.

Core Muscles

In its most basic sense, your core muscles are your abdominals, back and bottom. Developing your core muscles will improve your stamina, give you more strength and allow you to be more explosive when on the field. Having a strong core will also give you greater coordination and will help prevent injuries. Crunches and overhead chops with a medicine ball are a great way to strengthen your core.


You don’t have to visit a gym in order to give your muscles a workout. Consider wearing weighted vests when doing soccer drills. These lightweight vests allow for extra weight to be added, making your muscles work harder during training. Obviously, your soccer drill needs to be intense to achieve proper gains from wearing the vest. To ensure your drills are of the highest quality, it’s important to learn from soccer drill videos.


You will usually spot a soccer player at the gym. How? Well, they will be training their legs while most other people in the gym concentrate on bulking up their arms and chest. Soccer players like Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo may not be the tallest on the field, although they are world-class at heading a ball. They are also two of the fastest players around, and that’s due to their leg strength. Try barbell squats or use a leg press to build muscle in your legs.

Too much muscle can be a hindrance, although targeting certain muscle groups will improve your performance.