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Dealing with Tiredness

Tiredness is the trouble for many people. Currently, everyone has high mobility, that is why students do not have time to do their essay because of fatigue.If you are one of them, we are ready to give you a solution. Entrust your essay to greatpaper.co.uk and forget about one of the main causes of fatigue.This is the article about how to deal with your organism constantly being tired.

Tiredness Reasons and Dealing with Them

We’re used to think that tiredness is connected to the crazy rhythm of modern life and the lack of sleep. Butthepointisnotonlythere.

Delusions aboutTiredness

According to historical data, people have been complying their tiredness since ancient times, saying that the life was easier previously. In different ages, they thought the positioning of planets in thesky, the lack of person’s visiting of the church, and even the sub-conscious daring to die (Freud wrote about that) to be the reason of one’s tiredness.

In XIX century, the new diagnosis, neurasthenia, was introduced. George Bird, the American doctor, said this state to appear because of one’s neural system to be overtired. It was thought to cause physical and mental problems, and to be the reason of irritability, feeling despaired, and even toothache. Medic said new inventions (steam engine, telegraph, printing and women’s education) to be the additional reasons of neurasthenia.

So, if one’s tiredness isn’t connected to the modern life rhythm, maybe we can explain it with the lack of sleep.

Scientists distinguish the need of sleep and one’s tiredness. These states are closely connected to each other, but not equal..

There is the special test of sleep latency being widely used in somnology centers, which can help you find out what exactly disturbs a person.

There is the following idea, on which the test is based. If you lie down and fall asleep just in a few minutes during the day, this means you didn’t have enough sleep previously, or you’ve got some sleep troubles. If you can’t fall asleep in 15 minutes, but you still feel tired, then the reason can be covered in over tiredness.


Some scientists think fatigue to be the reason of one constantly feeling tired.

The fat cells produce leptin, the hormone which signalizes to human’s brain that there is enough energy stored in the organism. Researches confirmed the connection between the high level of leptin in blood and the tiredness feeling. If to think as Her Majesty Evolution does, things go as intended. If there is no lack of food, you don’t need to hunt it.

How to Fight That

No matter how banal it sounds, moderate eating and “hunger-strike” will help. People practicing “food-breaks” notice that they feel even better in those periods than when they eat normally.

Dopamine Lack

Excess weight is not the only reason of a person feeling tired. Even people who don’t have it still comply tiredness to follow them everywhere.

The situation is made more difficult by the fact, that the same signals influence people differently. Someone feels tired because of a particular signal, somebody doesn’t. Some people can go through it, they just need motivation.

Low motivation level is one of the important aspects of tiredness. That is why some scientists stated investigating the role of dopamine, the neural mediator responsible for human’s wish of satisfaction. When organism stops producing dopamine for some reason (due to Parkinson disease, for example), human meets apathy and tiredness as a result.

Low dopamine level can be noticed during the depression as well. There is another hormone which is not being produced enough in this case: serotonin. The most part of people with clinic depression mark themselves to get constantly tired, so scientists think dopamine level to be one of the potential factors for tiredness to appear.

How to Fight That

Do not refuse your favorite activities because of tiredness. The potential reward can stimulate dopamine to be delivered to your motivation and attention brain zones. Or you can go in for something that makes you tense and stressed: adrenaline could help you become fresh again.


Many people say dehydration to be the reason of tiredness. Scientists found out, that slight dehydration (lack of 1,5% of normal water level, can lead to getting tired and lowering the concentration level.

How to Fight That

Lowering the water level on 2% is already enough to make you feel thirst. This means, that when you just drink when you want to drink, you won’t lead your organism to dehydration. So you shouldn’t make yourself drink bottles of water at a time.