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Singing for Health. 6 Reasons to Practice Vocals

Everyone likes to sing. Little children are happy to come up with “songs” on the run or pick up the tune, not really thinking about getting into the melody. Adults are often shy and afraid to show the lack of talent in this area, and in vain: singing is very useful for health. Having received the assignment for the next essay at the university, do not be upset. It is better to sing something and in parallel open the site papercheap.co.uk/essays. While you are enjoying the singing, the experts will complete your order.

Doctors guessed in ancient times about the fact that vocal lessons have a positive effect on the organism. In recent decades, most of these assumptions have received scientific confirmation. Today we have decided to tell the readers about the benefits of singing.

Healing of the Liver

The impact of singing on the liver and other internal organs is due to the vibration that sound waves create. It has been experimentally proved that only a fifth of these waves are directed outward, and 80% of the oscillations penetrate into the body and stimulate the work of the abdominal organs. When singing, a diaphragm rises and falls intensely, and these movements promote a kind of massage of the liver, gallbladder and intestine. As a result, the outflow of bile is increased, digestion is optimized, the probability of development of stagnant processes decreases, the excretion of toxins from the organism is activated.

Protection from Stress

In ancient Egypt, ones treated insomnia and nervous excitement with the help of choral singing. Today music also helps doctors working with patients who suffer from mental disorders, emotional instability, migraine, neuroses, depression and phobias. It is useful to sing for correction of stuttering and other speech disorders.

When people sing, their brains intensively produce endorphins, called hormones of joy. Remember, what joy you experienced when someone responded to your “write my essay for me” request and you received the long-awaited help. Sing if you want to experience these emotions again. Singing increases vitality, enhances the ability to concentrate, enhances physical and intellectual activity.

Treatment of Respiratory Diseases

Systematic vocal lessons train the diaphragm and the muscles responsible for the movement of the ribs during breathing, optimize the ventilation of the lungs. Proper singing requires rapid inspiration and a slow, gradual exhalation. This increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood, which contributes to the activation of the immune system. A person becomes more resistant to seasonal catarrhal diseases.

Recently, doctors have become interested in using singing to treat such ailments as chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and bronchial asthma.

Increased Tone and Prolongation of Life

It is not accidental that there are many long-liversamong opera singers: the first thing the future performer is taught is proper breathing and self-control. A person cannot stand the many hours of stress associated with participating in a classical performance without this. As a result, singers master the skills of adjusting the inhalation and exhalation, the correct operation of the diaphragm, they have an increased active lung volume, and the heart muscle is strengthened. Similar results can be achieved with amateur singing. It is important only to correctly approach the issue of voice-setting.

Improved Appearance

While engaging in vocals, a person constantly exploits the muscles of the face and neck, which helps strengthen them, improve skin tone, smooth it and reduce wrinkles. Singers long retain the correct oval face and even at a respectable age look younger than their peers.

Singing is an energy-consuming process. An hour of vocal training costs about 120 kcal to the organism, and the training of the diaphragm helps tighten the muscles of the abdomen. All of the above allows you to maintain the figure in the form.

Benefits for Pregnant Woman and Future Child

The future mother is usually recommended listening to classical music: it calms both the woman and her baby. However, very few people know that it is equally useful to sing tender lullabies or quiet lyrical songs for a pregnant woman. It is known that children constantly hear the mother’s voicein the womb, understand its intonations. Mom’s singing enhances the feeling of harmony, tranquility and security, and the usual pleasant sounds will help the child adapt more quickly to an unusual world in the post-natal period.

Adult people do not need to sing in front of the public, it is also useful for themselves. Vocal exercises improve mood and appearance, tone up the body, help solve many health problems. A person who does not hesitate to sing is sociable and communicative, it is easier for him or her to establish a personal life, to achieve social and professional realization.