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The Differences between Havening and Other Psychology Treatment


Traumatic events can really get in the way of your life. Thankfully, there are plenty of treatment methods available to help the patients get better. One of the best treatments that you can choose is Havening therapy.

Compared to traditional treatments like psychotherapy or medications, Havening, the neuroscience treatment, is new so it is normal if you have never heard of it. But even though it is new, it is currently raising in popularity due to the effectiveness of the treatment. As a matter of fact, this therapy has several differences that might make it a better option to treat PTSD, depression or anxiety.

The most important characteristic of Havening is it is very easy on the patients. A part of psychotherapy is encouraged the patient to keep talking about the traumatic event which makes it very hard for them to continue the treatment. In Havening’s therapy session, the patient also will be asked to explore their past bad memories. However, it is done in the most convenient way that will let the patient talks with ease without feeling like they are relieving the bad experience all over again. Furthermore, the patient also will be accompanied with an experienced therapist.

In Sheffield, John Nolan is the certified practitioner that will help you deal with your traumatic past events. Nolan, along with other Havening therapists you can find all over the world, will make sure you can enjoy the therapy session even though you need to talk about memories you don’t even want to remember.

When it comes to dealing with traumatic events, many patients refuse to find help because the thought of confronting their trauma can be very scary. This therapy is very gentle and patient will be encouraged to move in their own pace. As a result, they finally can live happily without the ghosts of their pasts haunting them everywhere.