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Top Facts on Preparing for Anti Reflux Surgery: Your Complete Guide

If you have GERD or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and you have tried to deal with the condition through medication or through lifestyle changes with no great result, then you may be in line for surgery. The good news is that anti reflux surgery is not all that complicated – thousands of people go through this type of surgery every single year, and their condition is vastly improved. And although there may be some risks associated with surgery, complications are quite rare, and some complications, such as difficulty swallowing, go away on their own after some time.


For those who will be undergoing anti reflux surgery, however, it is always good to be prepared for it in the best way possible. So what can you do to prepare for anti reflux surgery and what should you expect? Here are the top facts on preparing for anti reflux surgery: your complete guide.


Tests to be performed


Before you go through the procedure, some tests will be performed. These include blood tests such as a complete blood count, a liver test, and an electrolyte test. Another test you can expect would be oesophageal manometry, which will measure the pressure in your oesophagus, and there is also a test called pH monitoring, which determines the amount of stomach acid returning to the oesophagus. Other tests include an upper endoscopy test and an oesophageal X-ray.


Before the procedure


Before the procedure is performed, you may be asked by the specialist to temporarily stop taking certain medications, such as aspirin, vitamin E, ibuprofen, warfarin, and clopidogrel. Your specialist may also ask that you temporarily stop taking medication such as blood thinners (which can affect the clotting of the blood) several days or a week before the procedure. Your specialist will give you more precise instructions on which medication you can take on the scheduled day of the procedure.


You will also be asked to stop drinking or eating the night before the procedure, especially if the procedure will be done in the morning. If you are taking any medication on the morning of the procedure, you will be asked to take it only with a sip of water. Your specialist will also give you instructions regarding taking a shower before the surgery is performed – this could be on the night before the procedure or in the morning before the procedure is performed.


After the surgery


Fortunately, those who undergo laparoscopic anti reflux surgery can usually leave hospital in a day or two, as confirmed by anti reflux surgery London specialists like The London Surgical Group. For those undergoing open anti reflux surgery, however, you may only leave hospital after two to six days, depending on your overall condition. Make sure you have someone to assist you when you leave and when you come home.


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