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The fight against STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases have a history as long as that of mankind, hence the perception that they have been spreading due to the modern day lifestyle is somewhat misplaced. We though agree with the fact that in most cases sexually transmitted diseases spread due to irresponsible sexual behaviour and consequently most of the cases of STDs are preventable. WHO has been very active in control of AIDs, which is the most prevalent STD in terms of number of people that it has affected, all over the globe. AIDS is not the only STD that you should be careful about and hence in this article we will include certain other common STDs for discussion.

Almost 90% STDs are caused by virus and hence they spread very easily. Infections caused by virus are very easy to catch and very difficult to get rid of. If you get infected with diseases like AIDs and syphilis then you will have to live with it for your entire life. However, the good news is that living with them has become very easy. Medicine has progressed so much that you can almost live a normal life with them. This is the reason why awareness about AIDs and other STDs has increased significantly in the last few decades. Although STDs are a major taboo in many parts of the world, increasingly people all over the globe are opening up to them and accepting people suffering from STDs in the society.

Control is the only armoury that we have in the fight against STDs. As we have already mentioned that most of the STDs are caused by virus, there are very few things that one can do once you catch the infection. However, if detected early though same day STD tests then the chances of restricting the symptoms and growth of virus to minimal is very high. This is the principle reason why WHO us pushing every country to adopt for universal STD detection and diagnosis campaigns. Although its effort for it has met limited success but even the limited success that it has achieved has brought significant changes in the lives of millions of people. STDs are a result of on one hand lack of knowledge and awareness and on the other hand of unprotected sex. The good news is that both of these aspects of STDs can be taken care of with some effort.