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New Xiaomi Mi6 at Discounted Price

Rapid advancement in digital technology makes smartphone getting more and more powerful and sophisticated. When you want a smartphone with most advanced technology, you must choose the flagship models of the smartphone’s brands. But we all know the flagship models of high end smartphone’s brands can be really expensive to afford even the price can be unreasonable. Lucky for us, Xiaomi makes it possible to have high end smartphone at more affordable price.

It can’t be denied that Xiaomi is a big phenomenon in smartphone industry. This Chinese manufacturer changes the industry by releasing smartphone models with advanced specs but at much affordable price compared to smartphone models of high end brands. Unlike other Chinese made smartphone long associated with cheap poor-quality products, Xiaomi offers good built quality, high end specs, and rich of features. The flagship models of this brand is the Mi Series designed to compete with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S series, or other flagship models from other brands with almost half the price. The latest model of Xiaomi Mi series is Mi6 which was just currently released few months ago.

Since it was announced, Xiaomi fans had been very enthusiast about the Mi 6. No wonder since this model is the most advanced Xiaomi smartphone and it comes with new features and more sophisticated technology to give better experience to its users. You can expect high end specs for a flagship model and this Xiaomi Mi 6 is no different. The body is made from glass and stainless materials with highly impressive 4-curved design to make it sturdy yet visually very impressive. The core of this smartphone is Snapdragon 835 octa core processor at 2.45GHz combined with 6GB RAM. It runs the latest Android version with Xiaomi’s own MIUMI firmware. It also has high end display of 5.15 inch FHD screen with eye-protection. Mi6 is rich of advanced features. It has dual 12MP rear cameras designed to capture HD photos and videos and better quality. It also has 8MP front camera. Big storage, started from 64GB will make sure you won’t be out of memory. Other high end specs are including fingerprint ID, NFC, Type C USB, and many more.

With advanced specs and features, it is no surprise that many people are interesting getting this new Mi6 Smartphone. It is already widely available on the market. But if you want to get the best deal, you are highly recommended to shop at Tomtop, the online store for electronics and gadgets. The new Mi6 from Xiaomi is currently offered there at discounted price.